Our products are include:
All grades of bitumen
Oxidized bitumen grades, bitumen penetration grades,viscosity grade bitumen, polymer bitumen, cutback bitumen, bitumen emulsion
Manufacture and Export Copper Oxide GranuleProduct Information
Formamidine Sulfinic Acid or aminoiminomethanesulfinic acid or FASTRADE
Carbon black N220,N234,N219- Beilum Carbon Chemical Limited
Carbon black N326,N330,N339-Beilum Carbon Chemical Limited
Carbon black N330 for Black masterbatch and Tire-Beilum Carbon Chemical Limited
Carbon black N330,N339,N375- Beilum Carbon Chemical
Calcium Hypochlorite —Key words: Calcium Hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite (sodium process),bleaching

JRD-800 sodium soap lubricant is composed of sodium stearate and solid lubricants, anti-wear
JRD-450 is a high fatty acid sodium soap, for used in wet drawing (water tank drawing), which adjust the lubricant concentration from 0.5% to 0.6%, according to the wire drawing conditions, adjust the level of concentration. For the first time formulated 60-70 ℃ hot
We are proud to be the first one in the world to produce coenzyme factors NAD(H)/NADP(H) by enzyme catalysis. For the first time,these vital coenzymes come out with nearly zero pollution in an industrial scale. This is just the first step of our green dream. Biocatalysis allows us to create
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Dry Vitamin A Acetate Beadlet (325,000 ~ 500,000)
Chemical name: Retinyl acetate, all-trans retinol acetic acid ester
Purity(HPLC): 99% min
Packaging Details: 1kg/Aluminium foil bag or Customized
Appearance: White crystalline powder

Others are supplied upon request, Our products are of High purity (99.98 %).

We offer discreet and reliable packaging and delivery.

Product name:AH-7921
Systematic (IUPAC) name :3,4-dichloro-N-benzamide
Synonyms AH-7921
Formula C16H22Cl2N2O
Mol. mass 329.265 g/mol
Purity:99.5% min
Appearance:white powder

Others are supplied upon request, Our