Export:Thiourea 99%min,Barium Carbonate 99%min,Manganese Sulphate feed grade,Copper Sulphate feed grade or big granular for mine,Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate or monohydrate tech grade or feed grade,Sodium Hydrosulphide,Sodium bicarbonate
Sodium Hydrosulphite,Sodium Percarbonate,Isoamyl
Quantity reduced after being heated:0.4%Max,
Water Insoluble Material:0.02%Max,
Rhodonide (as CNS):0.02%Max,
Melting Point:171.Deg C.
Appearance:White crystal
I'm Looking for Urea 46 from Idonesia which volum for 50000 MT target price CIF 225/MT
anyone who can offer with profe of product may offer

pankom K.
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Struvite (MgNH4PO4.6H2O), sometimes also called Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate Hexahydrate (MAP). Struvite is a bioavailable, slow-release fertiliser; it is compact and can be stored, transported and applied easily, and does not smell. Struvite, which contains valuable nutrients like nitrogen and
Dicalcium phosphate can be made as fertilizer and animal feed, they are named as fertilizer grade dicalcium phosphate and animal feed grade dicalcium phosphate.

Fertilizer grade dicalcium phosphate,is mainly used for phosphate fertilizer and compound fertilizer to add raw materials. Because it
Potassium magnesium sulphate fertilizer is a 100% water soluble, extracted from pure natural salt mine. It can provide potassium, magnesium, sulfur, boron and other essential nutrients to plants. Potassium magnesium fertilizer is related to agricultural crop nutrition experts as the
SSP is one of forms of phosphate
SSP supplies sulphate, one of the other important nutrients in all soils
SSP supplies calcium
The ratio of P and S suits many crop and pasture needs
Both the P and S are in readily available forms
SSP can be blended with other products to make a
Triple superphosphate Ca(H2PO4)2 TSP is soluble in water, preferably mixed with farm manure application, but can not be mixed with alkaline material to produce insoluble calcium phosphate and reduced fertility.

It can be used as basic fertilizer, top dressing or mixed with composite (mixed)
Guano is an odorless, natural fossil fertilizer. It is from seabird droppings mixed with coastal plant and animal debris .In arid areas, little decomposition. Except for phosphorus,it is also abundunt in nitrogen (up to 15% higher) in arid areas because of less decomposition.It is a kind of quality
Rock Phosphate(RPP) is used as a base fertilizer. It is a type of phosphorus fertilizer on acid podzolic, gray wooded, and bog soils and on leached chernozems and red soils. This organic fertilizer contains 28% to 32% P2O5.

Barium sulfate is odorless, tasteless, colorless, orthorhombic crystals or a white amorphous powder. It is an eco-friendly materials, insoluble in water, acids, alkalis or organic solvents.

It can be used as Medical treatment when gastrointestinal X-ray perspective with the "barium meal"for the