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Luxury Fox Fur Lashes M1002


Style: Fox Fur Eyelash
CAS: 101-84-8
MF: C12H10O
Assay: 99.9%
Appearance: colorless crystalline or liquid
Application: used in cosmetics and soap flavors
Package: 25kgs/ drum
CAS No.: 119-61-9
MF: C13H10O
Appearance: white to whitish crystal
Application: used in perfume and cosmetics
Package: 25kgs/ drum
CAS: 1128-08-1
EINECS 214-434-5
MF: C11H18O
MW: 166.26
FEMA: 3763
Appearance: colorless oil liquid
Application: used in cosmetics and soap flavors

CAS: 103-45-7
MF: C10H12O2
MW: 164.21
Appearance: colorless liquid
Application: used for preparing soaps and cosmetic flavors

CAS No.: 122-63-4
EINECS: 204-559-3
MF: C10H12O2
MW: 164.2
Appearance: colorless liquid
Application: used in cosmetic fragrance
Package: 180kgs/ drum
Storage: Seal, normal temperature, away from fire
CAS No.: 77-53-2
Assay: 97%
Appearance: white needle-shape crystal
Application: cosmetic raw materials
Package: 25kgs/ drums
Storage: low temperature ventilated dry, avoid the flame and the high temperature

CAS No.: 8000-25-7
Appearance: colorless to light yellow oil
Application: used in cosmetics, perfume and soap industry
Package: 50kgs/drum
CAS No.: 60-12-8
MF: C8H10O
MW: 122.17
Appearance: colorless to pale yellow liquid
Usage: used for preparing soaps and cosmetic flavors
Package: 200kgs/drum
Storage: kept in cool and dry place away from sunlight

CAS No.: 111-27-3
MF: C6H14O   
MW: 102.17
Assay: 99%
Appearance: colorless clear liquid
Usage: used in soaps, detergent, perfume flavors and so on
Package: 160kgs/drum