LSG-1600 Type C Goniophotometer is an automatic goniophotometric measurement system for measuring photometric parameters of luminaires, such as LED road lighting fixture, room lighting fixture and projecting lighting fixture. The measured data meets IES standard format and can be applied for
A universal radio test set for complete maintenance and repair of FM and AM radio stations of the VHF band

RST-430 is a multipurpose radio measuring device for maintenance of communication equipment in indoor and field conditions.
A digital combo set.
Available in four modifications.

A digital combo set for maintenance and repair of carrier channels and data transmission equipment of information structures.


We are committed to the manufacture of CS series Weighing Scales and CB series Weighing Balances. Kehuijie Weighing Scales, since 1989.
We are professional manufacturer of digital Blood Pressure Monitor, digital thermometer and Nebulizer, which with MDD CE & FDA approval and competitive price.
The compact goniophotometer of LSG-1200/LSG-1200A is used to measure the luminous intensity distribution curve, intensity data, spread angle and other parameters for Chip LED, LED Module, LED Bulb, LED spotlight and CFL Lamp.

Option Function: The LSG-1200/LSG-1200A can work with a Digital Power
LSG-2000 Goniophotometer with Rotating Mirror (Moving Mirror Goniophotometer) is an automatic light distribution intensity 3D curve testing system. The measuring distance is from 5m to 30m. It can measure all types of lighting sources, LED or HID luminaires such as indoor and outdoor luminaires,
Die sets with process of cylindrical grinding ,internal grinding ,Wire EDM,E.D.M and optical grinding .Parts offer efficient and cost-effective performance for a wide array of applications
Die sets for stamping tools,mould tooling:
Material :tungsten carbide or metal stainless steel.
The WP Series Power Supplies are with high stability and high accuracy. The voltage and current can be adjustable and simple operation. They are suitable to supply DC Power for the standard lamp and the large power LED. Other voltage and current DC Power Supply can be designed
• Measure Vrms, lrms, W, PF, Hz;
• Harmonic distortion analysis for voltage & current, display total harmonic and 0-50 times;
• Component harmonic, selectable for absolutely or relatively harmonic display;
• Voltage range:10.0-600.0V, Current range:0.010-20.00A, Auto
• AC-DC-AC frequency conversion technology
• Digital wave synthesis, wave feed-back technology, low power distortion
• Controlled and tested by 16 bits MCU, which has high automation
• High speed 12 bits A/D sampling technology, exactly display Voltage, Current, Power,
• Purpose: According to IEC 60068, this product is applicable for the testing of the indices of the spaceflight and aviation products, information electronic instruments and meters, materials, electrical and electronic products and electronic and electrical components and parts