Product DescriptionThe tensile body of polyester cotton conveyor belt is interwoven by cotton-polyester blended fabric in longitude and cotton fiber in
Dear Sales Managers,

We have great demand for Travel goods, handbags and similar containers:

Use leather or reconstituted leather as the face
Handbags, whether with or without straps, including handleless ones
Use plastic sheet or textile material as the surface
Leather or composition
Dear Sales Managers,

We have great demand for Plastic and its products:

In addition to styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN) copolymers, vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate copolymers, other vinyl chloride copolymers, polytetrafluoroethylene, polyvinyl acetate, vinyl acetate copolymers, polyvinyl alcohol,
Dear Sales Managers,

We have great demand for All types of equipments:

Binoculars; special cameras for underwater, aerial surveys or internal organ inspections; comparison cameras for court or

criminology;-framing through the lens , using a camera with a film
Dear Sales Managers,

We have great demand for Raw hides (except fur) and leather:

Equine skin
Raw donkey skin
Wet leather (including wet blue leather)
Dry leather
Cow and horse leather for machine belt
Full grain unsplit leather
Grain split leather
For machine belt
Dear Sales Managers,

We have great demand for Rubber and its products:

Carboxyl styrene butadiene rubber
Unprocessed styrene butadiene rubber (except for solution polymerized)
Oil-extended styrene butadiene rubber (except for solution polymerized)
Thermoplastic styrene butadiene
We have been specialized in a manufactured rubber sheet and natural rubber mat over 20 years since we established in 1999. Our factory was located in the Zhejiang province of China. Our products are sold overseas, in the hearts of customers to achieve a good reputation.
If you need laser printing
We offer Epoxy Resin with low viscosity, flame-resistant, highly heat-resistant, and electronic grades, which is used in traditional coating, adhesive industries, and advanced technology like multi-layer printing circuit board and IC encapsulant.
We provide various type of Epoxy to meet
APET sheet (Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate) is one kind of amorphous thermal plastics. It will not produce toxic gas in the process of incineration, non toxic and non odor, safe for humans and the environment, therefore very suitable for food packaging.
With excellent characteristics of safe
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Hi sir,

This is Aries from ACT JATA in Taiwan,

Our company offer plastic raw material and synthetic rubber from Japan,

I can offer PP copolymer resin, off grade,

it's extrusion grade(MFR: 3), natural color

Application: corrugated board, blowing, vacuum forming board

if you are