Product DescriptionThe tensile body of polyester cotton conveyor belt is interwoven by cotton-polyester blended fabric in longitude and cotton fiber in
We have been specialized in a manufactured rubber sheet and natural rubber mat over 20 years since we established in 1999. Our factory was located in the Zhejiang province of China. Our products are sold overseas, in the hearts of customers to achieve a good reputation.
If you need laser printing
We offer Epoxy Resin with low viscosity, flame-resistant, highly heat-resistant, and electronic grades, which is used in traditional coating, adhesive industries, and advanced technology like multi-layer printing circuit board and IC encapsulant.
We provide various type of Epoxy to meet
APET sheet (Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate) is one kind of amorphous thermal plastics. It will not produce toxic gas in the process of incineration, non toxic and non odor, safe for humans and the environment, therefore very suitable for food packaging.
With excellent characteristics of safe
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Hi sir,

This is Aries from ACT JATA in Taiwan,

Our company offer plastic raw material and synthetic rubber from Japan,

I can offer PP copolymer resin, off grade,

it's extrusion grade(MFR: 3), natural color

Application: corrugated board, blowing, vacuum forming board

if you are
I would agree that Engel used to and still does make an excellent machine BUT I would not agree on easy. Back in the mid 90's their CC90 controller was very good and straight forward, truly excellent. Today the CC200 is just another German/Austrian user UNfriendly controller. Still a good machine,
Cost versus price is always something that has to be fully detailed and documented in order for a true comparison to be made. And Tas has an interesting point, he has an American partner. Is this the OEM, or a broker, or another tooler? I am interested in what Tas finds works best for his firm and
Price: US $439
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Type: Truggy
Scale: 1/8
Length: 18.75 in (476mm)
Width: 16.38 in (416.1mm)
Height: 7.30 in (185.5mm)
Ground Clearance: 2.6 in (66mm)
Wheelbase: 14.93-15.09 in
Price: US $642
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This is the T-Rex 550L Dominator with Speed Promo Fuselage by Align.
Price: US $329
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This is the MT4 G3 4WD Monster Truck that comes Ready-to-Run by Thunder Tiger.


New Concept Monster Truck Body
Compact Molded Chassis Brace and Cover
Center Drive Shaft Guard for Cable
Hi everyone, Vietdelta company is supplying many types of standard vietnamese natural rubber at the competitive price. We have 3 kinds of products:
1. Techincally specified rubber: SVRL, SVR3L,SVR 5, SVR10, SVR20, SVR CV10, SVR CV20, SVR 50CV, SVR 60 CV
2. Ripped smoked sheets: RSS1, RSS2, RSS3,