Sử dụng chip LED COB cao cấp nhập khẩu Đài Loan, đèn LED Highbay Dragon thích hợp sử dụng trong các khu vực như nhà xưởng, nhà kho, khu sản xuất… cho ánh sáng tốt,
Đèn pha LED Dragon sử dụng nguồn sáng LED công suất cao (High Power LED).
Chúng tôi mới về một lô đèn led âm trần siêu mỏng giá cực tốt chiếu sáng ổn định, các bạn đến cửa hàng để thử độ sáng trực tiếp nhé

*Indoor use 40watt pest control insect killer product.
*Patent product:
Taiwan Patent number: M265922
China Patent number: CN2766552Y
*There are 2pcs 20watt Philips UVA tubes to attract
insects, mosquitoes and flies.

*Indoor use 40watt pest control insect killer product.
*There are 2pcs 20watt Philips or Taiwan made UVA tubes
to attract insects, mosquitoes and flies.
And internal grid voltage output 4000VAC to kill pests.
*There are TUV ,GS ,CE, PSE ,CNS certificates.
*Available for
Our factory produce various glass reflector castings for lighting purpose. We have 5 years experience for manufacture 120 mm diameter Borosilicate glass reflector castings to supply a medical illumination equipment company in USA for their surgical lighting equipment furnishing. Except the reflector
Global exclusive isolation type 3w LED ball steep light

4.colour temperature:cold-white(6000-6500K),warm-white(3800-4300K)
5.luminous flux:310-340LM lamp quatity:15PCS
Our factory produce and supply custom made children or adults costumes for carnival, party celebration or ceremony events. We tailor the styles with your mood as what you request. OEM / ODM orders are available. In recent years, we had exported and supplied many costumes to west European country