Product Name:LCSS-yellow
The LSS-yellow is a kind marigold extract which is used in enhancing the color of Poultry and egg yolk.

The products be widely used in poultry industry for pigmentation of skin and egg yolk.Especially recommend for enhancing deposition and
3.Sodium seleniteCAS No.:10102-18-8EINECS No.:10102-18-8We sell Sodium selenite 98%, Used as Feed additives etc.Selenite (Na2SeO3) in (dry)% : 98.1 minSelenite ( Se ) in (dry)%: 44.74Dry reduction test% 1.0 maxDissolution test: all dissolved ,Clear and transparentCommodity: Sodium

The formula of Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate is ZnSO4.H2O. Zinc is the forming element of many enzymes and hormone, and participates in metabolism of protein, carbohydrate and lipid as well. When lack of zinc, animals exhibit inappetence, slow growth, thick and disorderly clothing hair, depilation, dry