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Located at the banks of River Kosi, and surrounded by a web of lush green Sal trees, lies our beautiful honeypot, Tarangi. It is the go-to place to explore nature at its very best!
Another fascinating story is how it came to be known as "Tarangi." Once upon a time, a spiritual man spent three days in total solitude and silence in the area that is currently the property. After straight 72 hours, he explained to others how the place inspired in him positive energies and happy vibrations. This is why it is called Tarangi which translates to Vibrations. Once you are at the property you can experience the positivity yourself.
Here, one can find the perfect confluence of comfort & luxury in the middle of a jungle. Additionally, as it is just a few minutes away from the legendary Jim Corbett National Park, one has easy access to endless adventures and rich wildlife.
Contact person: Mr. Tarangi Resorts
Mobi: 7017075854
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Address: Tarangi Resort & Spa P.O. Dhikuli, Ramnagar District-Nainital
Country: India
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