Oil Drilling Shale Shaker Screen

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We supply metal wire vibratory screen supplied in standard accessories / OEM for Various Shale Shakers and Motion Solid Control Devices. Our vibrating shaker screen is mainly used in oil drilling mud process, coal mine and various ore dressing and other industrial sifting screening. The screen panels can be designed with multi-layer or single layer flat panels, with or without backing plate support.
Wedge wire filter elements for oil field equipment & spares
Service conditions:
Fluid: Oil emulsion( consists of 40% saline water and 60% crude oil )
Viscosity @ oper. Temp. = 3160 cps Density @ Oper. Temp. = 961 kg/m3 Flow
Rate = 354.16 m3/h Working temperature= ( min./ Nor. / Max. ) = 25/35/50
Deg.C Pressure drop across clean filter < 5 Kpa Max. allowable pressure drop
= 50 Kpa Slot size= 0.23 mm Selected :

Radial slot opening
Slot size = 0.23 mm
Wire width = 0.75 or 1.0 mm
Outside diameter = 30 mm
Length= 1000 mm
Max. Delta P 4.2 Bard
Condition -clean pressure drop < 5 kpa

Shale Shaker Screen for Oil Drilling
Mesh 25 Or Equal01-03-25
Mesh 39 Or Equal01-03-39
Mesh 48 Or Equal01-03-48
Mesh 86 Or Equal01-03-86
Mesh 97 Or Equal01-03-97
Mesh 118 Or Equal01-03-118
Crown Rubber01-05
Deck Spring (rear)01-07

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