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Duct Rodders applies in tow lead-rope through a pipe,it is auxiliary means. Surface smooth and high resilience,so the FRP perforator with ease passes the narrow channel. perforator consists of two parts: the glass fiber strengthen the level, the high-pressured low density polyethylene protective layer.Duct Rodders has time-saving reducing effort, improving efficiency, etc,And can be used for telecom cables, cable pipe and cleaning and plastic pipe of cloths to put.when use draws out the FPR pole by the pulley, then with a corresponding metal joint, penetrates in the pipeline. When cleaning, guide-head will drive cleaning tools to clean the pipe;When arranges the cable,you may first leads the steel wire or the iron wire, then enters the pipe with the steel wire or the iron wire hauling cable
Fiberglass duct rodder features&benefits:
1. strong non-conductive fiberglass rod construction
2. stainless steel drawing head
3. for longer conduit runs and underground duct
4. Rugged tubular steel reel with adjustable position.
5. Feed device allows rod to feed out or be wound back onto reel with easy pushi or pull of rod.
6. Duct rods/duct rodders have Many applications, not only pulling the cable but also pulling
7. Anticorrosion , good elasticity , long working life.
Fiberglass push pull, Tracing Duct Rods,Duct Rodder--Bazhou deli power tools
1.Fiberglass hose is lightweight and non-conductive, Because of the extreme flexibility, it can be    used as push-pull rodder .
2.Fiberglass push pull,Fiber snake duct rodder,cable rods
3.Fiberglass hose is lightweight and non-conductive, because of the extreme flexibility, it can be     used as push-pull rodder in cable installation, and in conduit which makes it very versatile
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