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The GSM Alarm & Dialer SafeBox S160 is an Ultimate Version of GSM Alarm, includes multi-functions and ultra low cost and high reliability special for Residential areas, business area, commercial area, office, factory,industrial area and other Varity applications. It integrated high performance GSM Module and MCU inside,and with  
innovative and experienced functions and features to meet the required and potential demands in the worldwide markets.

Why Are You Need the SafeBOX?

The SafeBox is a ultra-low cost advanced programmable multifunctional GSM SMS Alarm & Dialer.

At present, the security is very important for everyone and every assets. Spent very little money to protect them and it is very convenient to operate, why are you not choose it?

If you have installed traditional alarm system, contact the existence alarm panel output to the SafeBox, it can be upgraded to GSM Alarm, alert you what happening by SMS text message.

If you have installed IP Camera or CCTV system, there’re no any alert to you while you’re not around the spot. Contact the outputs to the SafeBox, it can alert you immediately by SMS Text message.

If you have house or store, no need any additional remote control, when you come back home, only need to make a call to the SafeBox, the SafeBox will reject it and change the mode from Away to Stay mode, when you leave home, only need to call it again and the SafeBox will change to Away mode. Free charge and very convenient.

If you have an office or factory that installed the Access control system or RFID Card Reader, contact the open door signal to the SafeBox, once anybody  enter, the SafeBox will change to Stay mode, no need any other operations. And when they away, can push a door open button to change the SafeBox to away mode directly. Or call it to change directly.

Standard Packing List:
SafeBoxX1 AC/DC Adaptor X1 Remote Control X1 Wireless Door Contact X1 User Manual X1

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