Raoyang Jianye Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.

Logo Raoyang Jianye Wire Mesh (RJ Wire Mesh) was found in 2014, located in the “The Hometown of Wire Mesh” Anping China. we have been in this industry for more than 30 years, specialized in corrosion resistant, high temporature resistant and wear resistant wire mesh and related further processing products like mesh demisters, gas-liquid filters, metal filter elements, filter discs and so on.
Our products are mainly applied to petrochemical industry equipments, flue gas desulfurization equipment, seawater exchanger, glass melt equipment, sulfurization equipment, wet-process phosphoric acid producer, sea water desalination equipment, waste water treatment equipment, pharmaceutical equipment and so on.
Material quality is always the thing we care about most since it is crucial to the products’ durability. Superior raw material we used ensured good performance of our products. We have been cooperarted with many reputable material suppliers internationaly like Germany, Japan, United States, France, Sweden etc.
We have the most professional team to provide our customers the most suitable solutions and the best producsts. We have our own full set equipment-----wire drawing machines, heat treatment machines, and net weaving machines, so our lead time is well controlled. Also, our tecnichal persons will assist our customers to solve any post-sales problems.
Large inventory of various mesh makes us able to provide our customers the products they need timely.
Our company specilizes in producing all kinds of wire mesh made of nickel-base alloy, super stainless steel and fine metal & precious metal. The finished-products includes wire mesh demister, filter screen for liquid & gas depurating, filter element, internal parts of chemical tower, stainless steel screen for chemical packing, filter screen and leach patch. With the character of corrosive-resistance to chloridion & sulphide, and high ability of resistance to alkali & corrosive-resistance in the high tempreture circumstance, Most of the products above are widely applied in petrochemical industry equipments, flue gas desulfurization equipment in the sea water exchanger, glass melt equipment, Sulfurization equipment, Wet-process Phosphoric Acid Producer, sea water desalination equipment, etc. Our company locates in the most famous and biggest market of wire mesh & wire screen producing, Wire Mesh Market China (WMMC). With high technology and rich experience of wire mesh products manufacturing, dedicated technicians, advanced equipment and high efficiency logistics company, i.e. DHL, RJ Wire Mesh  will be your reliable partner and qualified supplier.
Contact person: Mr. Xusheng Peng
Mobi: 19932371555
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Address: 12 Huafu Avenue, Xicheng Industrial District, Raoyang County
Country: China
Category: Construction
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