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Wuhan Pharma Chemical Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer located in Wuhan, Hubei and we are specialized in pharmaceutical raw materials, vitamins, amino acids, nutraceutical ingredients, hormone ingredients and veterinary medicine raw materials. We are ISO 9000 certified company with well-equipped facilities, and we are also in good position to provide Custom Manufacture.
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A global visioncare company  
The nation's largest supplier of eyecare products


A leading ophthalmic and optometric supplier located in the high technology park in Beijing China.

Aumed has 20 offices with 50 sales representatives, 30 service engineers and 8 products managers.

Aumed has the largest professional team of sales, service and marketing for eyecare products in China.

Aumed is
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   shanxi company of the taikang biotechnology establish in 2004 beginning of years, is a development, production, sell to have independent legal person qualifications for the integral whole comprehensive type company.The aim of[with] company management BE:Keep promise fame, heavy contract, provide high quality, the function excellent product.
          The company was established develop the gave birth to ten greatest serieses 40 various products:Circulating the water type vacuum pump series,
CO2 Incubator
Biochemical Incubator
Mould Incubator
Vaccum Oven
Blast Oven
Rotary Evaporator
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We are Bach Tuyet Cotton Corporation, established in 1960, is one of leading, prestigious enterprises in manufacturing and distributing cotton products to serve healthcare sector and consumers' demands. Such as Manufacturing and distributing cotton wool, sanitary napkin absorbent cotton, cotton sliver, cotton buds, gauze pad, bandages and compresses, removable make-up cotton, etc… to meet demands of public health and consumers With advanced technology, best quality, diversified styles, and
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We are Wuhan Grand Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., an old pharmaceutical manufacturer with a history of 68 years. I write to provide you our products and service.  
   We are the leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates, and preparations in China.There are seven sorts of APIs and intermediates in our company, including antimicrobial drugs, antibechics, ophthalmic preparations, anticancer drugs, cardiovascular drugs, antipyretics and analgesics. The main products consist
Xylometazoline HCl
Methoxamine HCl
Isoproterenol Sulphate
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Logo Greenwoods Herbal Extract Co., LtdGreenwoods Herbal Extract Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of plant extracts of different specifications in China. Main products: 5-HTP, Angelica P.E, Aloe Vera P.E, Astragalus P.E, Baical Skullcap P.E, Bilberry P.E, Cloud Mushroom P.E, Coptis chinensis P.E, Cordyceps P.E, Eucommia Bark P.E, Echinacea P.E, Epimedium P.E, Galanathamine Hydrobromide, Garlic P.E, Genistein, Ginger P.E, Ginkgo biloba P.E, Ginseng P.E, Gotu Kola P.E, Grape seed P.E, Green Tea P.E, Gynostemma P.E,
Bilberry P.E.
We are the manufacturer of fine chemicals.The product list is as follows:
1)sodium polystylene sulphonate
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Foosin Medical is a professional manufacturer of Surgical Sutures and Suture needles. We have the best technique in China, and our main equipment is imported from EURO or US. Under the best quality control, our Suture products owns the best quality. We can supply OEM to you under your request. Please contact us for details.
Surgical Sutures
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Logo SHANGHAI DEXIANG MEDICINE TECH. CO., LTDSHANGHAI DEXIANG PHARM-TECH CO., LTD is a high-tech company specializing in the research & development, manufacturing and sales of pharmaceutical accessory. Our company is the designated distributor of ISP, at the same time, our manufacturing factory possesses the most advanced manufacturing process for polyvinyl pyrrolidone (Povidone, PVP) series products in China, which can supply an annual production capacity of 800 tons for high quality polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP) series products. Our main