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Stainless Steel Dutch Weave Woven Wire Mesh


Stainless Steel Dutch Weave Wire Mesh is a kind of stainless steel filter mesh with high filtration accuracy, available in two types: plain dense weave and twill dense weave. Dutch weave mesh is widely used in filtration in petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other fields.
Dashang Wire Mesh provides a full range of stainless steel dutch weave wire mesh with filtration range from 300 microns to 1 micron according to ASTM E2814 and GB/T 21648. It is made of high-quality wire materials of grades 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321, 904L, etc., woven by warp and weft direction, with excellent characteristics of acid alkali resistance and corrosion resistance.
Different from the square mesh, the warp and weft wire diameter and mesh No. of the dutch weave mesh are different. Generally, the dutch weave mesh is interwoven with thick warp wires and fine weft wires, and the mesh surface presents vertical and convex stripes.
Generally dutch weave could have plain weave and twill weave two types; reverse dutch mesh is the interweaving of fine warp wires and thick weft wires, and the mesh surface presents transverse convex stripes. Its radial wires are more than weft wires per unit area, and the absolute ratio of warp mesh and weft mesh is larger and therefore more difficult to weave.
The most common weaving type for dutch woven wire mesh is plain dutch weave, twill dutch weave, reverse dutch weave.
There are three kinds of filter degree of dutch weave mesh: nominal filtration, absolute filtration and actual filtration. Nominal filtration and absolute filtration are structural parameters of dutch weave mesh, and it is a fixed value for a certain specification. For all dutch weave mesh, its nominal filtration is its nominal pore size, and its absolute filtration is its absolute pore size.
The actual filtration refers to the filtration degree under actual use conditions. It is directly affected by conditions such as temperature, pressure, service time, viscosity of the medium, and bending times of the filter holes. Therefore, the actual degree of filtration is a variable value.
Features and applications:
Stainless Steel Dutch Weave Wire Mesh has high precision, stable filtration performance, high load strength, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties. It is suitable for aviation, aerospace, military industry, scientific research and petroleum, chemical fiber, metallurgy, medicine, food and other industries.
For the filtration of oils and fats such as palm oil
Activated carbon decolorization filtration for sugary liquids, food adsorption clarification filtration such as fruit juice alcoholic beverages
It is used for crystal separation in chemical industry, catalyst filtration separation, decolorization filtration, separation of non-soluble sulfur solids and liquids, etc.
Used in sintered mesh, plates and industrial filter elements.
Filtration for the production of plastic films and plastic containers;
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