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Portable Prefabricated Residential


Product name: Portable Prefabricated Residential Twin Bed Room
Dimensions: 5800mm x 2200mm x 2300mm
Service life: 20~25 years
Can be stacked on top of each other (up to 3 layers) or placed side by side for extra space
Removable and removable, custom interior design
Can add decorative roof and terrace
Waterproof, fireproof, soundproof and heat insulation
Multi-purpose: residential, office, dormitory, shop, bar, emergency room, disaster room or any other purpose
Customizable options: dimensions, interior Settings, walls, foyers, etc.
Packing box housing is a major revolution in the construction industry under new materials. It bid farewell to environmentally unfriendly building materials, refused to pollute, and achieved real green environmental protection.
The application field of packing room is very wide, including industry, commerce, agriculture, public welfare, disaster relief, tourism, military, education, military, municipal engineering, camp, etc., can achieve office, accommodation, conference, bathroom, kitchen, exhibition hall, command post, storage, entertainment room, kiosks and many other functions of customization, to meet the temporary or long-term needs of customers for space.
At present, our Flat Packing Container Houses have been used in engineering camps, military camps, tourist holidays, disaster area resettlement, medical accommodation and so on. With the increasing awareness of consumers on energy saving, low-carbon and circular economy, the revolutionary era of residential industrialization has arrived, and prefabricated, personalized and intelligent buildings will be basically completed by factories in the future. Therefore, the packaging box house will play an important role in the future temporary housing market.
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