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20Ft Expandable Container House Eco Edition


20Ft Expandable Container House Eco Edition
INTRODUCTIONS - WZH 20Ft Expandable Container House

About WZH
When Year 2013, WZH Group start selling and manufacturing prefab house and modular houses. Such as flat pack/folding/mobile toilet/expandable container house/pop-up coffee shops. When the sales team was only 5 people, we accumulated a lot of experience in the design and construction of camp projects, commercial street projects, etc. Finally after 2019, we start only making expandable houses because that is an amazing product. It turned into a perfect housing alternative in an Australia/New Zealand full of various natural disasters and flooding storms.Also we found after Florida's huge typhoon, it still can become the most fast-install living tiny house in the area. For now we can make more than 600 sets of expandable container houses each month. It can meet all countries tiny house/prefab house/backyard house/granny flat standard. Sometimes it not exactly can be a permanent building. Depends on different State and cities' council approve standards. Expandable container house will be the most popular large space and comfortable prefab house first choice not only for now but also in the future. WZH Group has build 3*30000sqm workshop warehouse in our supply chain and manufacturing procedures to ensure that our customers receive great products, at affordable prices to our specifications. We can become your best friend and reliable company.

About WZH 20Ft Expandable Container House
At WZH , we're not just offering a 20ft Expandable Container House; we're revolutionizing the way people live sustainably. Our brand stands out from the competition because we prioritize providing you with the most informative and insightful experience. Our Expandable Container House combines cutting-edge design with eco-conscious living, delivering a versatile and space-efficient solution for modern living. What truly sets us apart is our commitment to education. We believe that informed choices lead to a more sustainable future, and that's why we go above and beyond to empower you with comprehensive knowledge about container architecture, sustainability, and the advantages of modular living spaces. When you choose WZH, you're not just getting a home; you're joining a community of informed individuals making a positive impact on the environment, one container at a time.

Specification - WZH 20Ft Expandable Container House
● External Size Before Expand :2250mm*5850mm*2530mm(W*L*H)

● External Size After Expand :6360mm*5850mm*2530mm(W*L*H)

● Nearly 37 square meters assembled.

● 1/2 bedrooms(different layout require).

● Full size sliding shower room bathroom with vanity and watermark toilet

● Complete with 2200mm*1400mm L style kitchen with white/black bench top.Topboards also accept customization.

● Comes complete with A/S or U/L or CE electrical cable, power points and Junction Box

● Double glazed windows.

● 75mm EPS with double side 0.5mm steel panel sandwich walls on all external and folding roof panels.

● Easily set up and recommended be placed on 12/14 piers.

● They can be placed as temporary house, as they have the container hooks and can be folded/unbolted and removed easily.

● All windows and doors frame using high quality aluminum frame and double glaze glass.No leaking and rusting.

● Easily transported [ 20 foot standard house] with tilt tray and forklift,not using crane or big truck.

● Easy setup and can easily be done by Home handyman.

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