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Leaf Spring Suspension


Leaf Spring Suspension
Leaf spring suspension is a reliable choice for your heavy-duty vehicle suspension system. Its high-quality materials, exquisite workmanship and stable performance will bring greater comfort and safety to your vehicle. Whether in a tough working environment or a long drive, it can provide you with excellent support and performance.
Product Name: Leaf Spring Suspension
Applicable Models: Suitable for all kinds of heavy trucks and commercial vehicles, including but not limited to cargo trucks, engineering vehicles, trailers, etc.
What is Leaf Spring Suspension?
Leaf spring suspension is a high-strength suspension system specially designed for heavy vehicles. Manufactured from high-quality steel, it has been precision-machined and heat-treated to ensure excellent durability and stability. Its unique spring design and precise manufacturing process enable it to provide excellent suspension performance under various harsh road conditions, effectively reduce vehicle vibration and bumps, and improve driving stability and comfort.
Leaf Spring Suspension Main Feature
♦ High-strength steel: Made of high-quality steel to ensure the stability and durability of the spring.
♦ Precision Machining: A precise manufacturing process ensures consistent performance and quality for each spring.
♦ Robust Design: The design of the leaf springs has been optimized to withstand the loads of heavy vehicles while maintaining stable suspension performance.
♦ Anti-corrosion coating: The surface is coated with anti-corrosion coating to improve the durability of the product and prolong the service life.
Working of Leaf Spring Suspension
The leaf spring consists of several leaves called blades. The blades vary in length, as shown in the figure. The lengthiest blade has eyes on its end. This blade is called the master leaf. All the blades are bound together through steel straps.
A U-bolt supports the spring on the axle, front, or rear. One end of the spring is mounted on the frame with a simple pin, while on the other end, a connection is made with a shackle.
When the vehicle comes across a projection on the road surface, the wheel moves up, deflecting the spring. This changes the length between the spring eyes. If both ends are fixed, the spring will not be able to accommodate this change of length.
This is provided by employing a shackle at one end, which gives a flexible connection. When the shackle is compressed, the leaf increases its tendency to spring and thus creates a soft springiness.
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