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NFJ-O6D (Metal Anti-static Floor)


NFJ-O6D (Metal Anti-static Floor)
Product Description
NF-06D metal Anti-static Floor material is a special material prepared from patented product NFJ metal aggregate. Lay on the surface of general concrete. Using new construction technology and synchronous construction with the surface of concrete, to make this kind of material form a whole with the concrete, become the Anti-static Floor with special wear-resisting, impact-resistance. It has been treated with double-chapter anti-rust and has the characteristics of corrosion prevention, anti-static and wear-resistance.

Application Scope
Places with high electrostatic sensitivity.
Places requiring special wear-resisting and impact-resisting performance.
places with oil resistance and permeability resistance.

Advantages And Features
The floor is excellent in hardness and toughness.
The floor can meet the requirements from smoothness to skid resistance.
The floor has antistatic function.
The floor has excellent performance on anti-seepage, anti-corrosion and salt-alkali resistance.
The renovation process of the old ground is simple and the construction period is short.
Note: Metal content can be detected by magnet adsorption; Rust resistance test can be soaked in 5% NACL solution.



Anti-static performance

Surface resistance of test piece:5 x 104~1 x 108Ω

Fireproof grade

Grade A1

Abrasive resistance

0.012g/cm2 (gearing method)

Compressive strength (28D)


Rupture strength (28D)

>18.5MPa (not broken)

Tensile strength


Impact performance (28D)


Dry shrinkage value

-0.751 x 10-3 (210d)

Hardness (Mohs)


Rust resistance

Resistant NaCL, NaOH and other medium

Green and environmental protection floor

Without harmful radioactivity, harmful volatility and pollution

High temperature resistance


Freezing resistance

-40℃ (the test piece is flawless and has no loss corner defect even after frozen
and molten 25 times)(the strength loss rate is -7.3%) (-40℃)

Radon concentration ≤100Bq/m3

Maximum value: 22.2

Air cleanliness

Level 100,000

Slippery resistance grade


Tag: Anti-static Flooring| Explosion-proof Flooring

Anti-static epoxy floor paint is a specialized type of coating designed to dissipate static electricity buildup on floors, thereby reducing the risk of electrostatic discharge (ESD) in environments where sensitive electronic equipment, explosives, or flammable materials are present. These coatings are commonly used in industries such as electronics manufacturing, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, and chemical processing facilities. The primary function of anti-static floor system is to dissipate static electricity, preventing the accumulation of electric charges on the floor surface that could damage sensitive equipment or ignite flammable materials.

Some common materials used in anti static epoxy flooring include: Vinyl, Epoxy, Rubber, Carpet, Metal.

The anti static floor is crucial for maintaining safety, protecting equipment, and ensuring the integrity of electronic components. Anti-static flooring provides a safe and reliable solution for minimizing the risk of electrostatic discharge, protecting sensitive electronic equipment and ensuring personnel safety in industrial environments.
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