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NFJ-07R Metal Composite Impact-resistant Flooring Material


NFJ-07R Metal Composite Impact-resistant Flooring Material
Product Description
NFJ-07R metal composite impact-resistant flooring material is in texture of cemented carbide (containing 50% conductive antistatic metal power), volcanic rock and admixture and it has granule shape. This aggregate is non-toxic, tasteless, green and eco-friendly product without radioactive elements. This metal aggregate can be mixed with special cement and admixture for the grading of multiple varieties. And then they can be made into surface materials and can be laid on concrete floor surface. This product uses the specific construction craft of high and new technologies and it has stronger affinity. The synchronized construction can be done for concrete surface and this craft can make this material and concrete form a whole. NFJ-07R metal composite impact-resistant wear-resisting floor is a floor that can integrate a number of modern technologies and mobilize all kinds of favorable factors to shift itself into one with high abrasion resistance, impact-resistance, antistatic, saline-alkaline tolerance, weak acid resistance, good permeability and no easiness of dust accumulation.

Application Scope
The factory & warehouse floor with load of less than 8T;
The floor of sites which are required to be abrasion-resisting and impact-resisting;
The sites that will encounter oil spill and need oil resistance and oil seepage resistance;
The modification works suitable for old concrete floor.

Advantages And Features
It has very high hardness and toughness;
It has large surface density and good anti-permeability. It is corrosion-resistant;
It can replace steel plate floor, save costs and reduce noise;
It can be in synchronization with concrete construction and can greatly save construction period.



Wear resistance

0.020g/cm2 (gear method)

Oil resistance

Oil seapage <0.3mm (including anti-permeability)

Compressive strength (28D)


Flexural strength (28D)

>15.5MPa (unbroken)

Tensile strength


Impact property (28D)


Dry shrinkage value

-0.751 x 10-3 (210d)

Hardness (Mohs)



Medium resistant to NaCL and NaOH

Green & environmental protection floor

Without harmful radiation, harmful volatility and pollution

High temperature resistance


Freezing resistance

-40℃ (no crack and no corner defect after 25 times of freezing and thawing of specimen.) (strength loss ratio shall be -7.3%) (-40℃)

Radon concentration ≤100Bq/m3

Maximum value: 37.0

Air cleanliness


Skid resistance

As same as common cement floor

Tag: Heavy Load Flooring

Floor coating materials are substances applied to the surface of floors to protect, enhance, or modify their properties. These coatings serve various purposes, including providing protection against wear and tear, improving aesthetics, enhancing safety, and facilitating maintenance.
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