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Interactive Touch Screen Table


RCSTARS interactive touchscreen tabletop digital signage is the most advanced solution for businesses and organizations to engage with their customers. With its high-quality touchscreen displays, Internet connectivity, audio and video capabilities, and durable design, this interactive touch table display is perfect for restaurants, museums, retail stores, businesses, banks, and other public spaces, offering a variety of functions such as self-service payments, inquiries, displaying information, playing audio and video, and advertising.

Key Features of Interactive Touch Screen Table

Elegant apearance: Highly simple and durable tablet design, choice of black or white body color, "L" type, "A" type, rotatable type, desktop stand, number of screens with 1, 2 or 3 sides, also available in silver aluminum profile.

Robust materials: The front of the interactive table screen is covered with explosion and impact resistant tempered glass, and the back of the body is made of hardened metal for durability.

Precise interaction: Choose fast corresponding capacitive touch/infrared touch to precisely sense each operation of you and the user.
Rich functions: If you want to improve the self-service terminal service based on displaying information, you can choose optional camera, printer, QR code scanner and card swiper.

Advantages of Using interactive digital display Table

Increase sales: Display promotional information, special offers, etc., while providing a guide to events and directing customers to place orders and spend money.

Enhance brand image: Whether in a store or a business, the elegant look of Rcstars' interactive digital table display perfectly matches and enhances the overall atmosphere and image of the premises.

Provide diverse services: Thanks to the multiple functions configured in the desktop interactive displays, we can simultaneously provide users with information display and inquiry, self-order and checkout, business processing, etc. At the same time, Rcstars, one of trusted and professional digital screen suppliers, also provides personalized and customized services whenever you need them.
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