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Medium-Duty Rack


Medium-Duty Rack
Product Description
1. Through connection by column pieces and beams, the evenly plate grafting combined crossbeams is adjustable in 50-75mm. Usually each layer weight is appropriate between 200kg and 500kg. The laminate surface can be paved with steel plates or wooden boards.

2. Easy to assemble & disassemble, saving investment. Laminates can be adjusted freely between 50-75mm. Laminates can be paved with steel plates or wooden boards. The medium duty rack consists of column pieces, crossbeams, laminates and safety pin.

We can customize the rack system to make full use of your space, choose a variety of different rack systems according to your space, check our product list, we will meet your needs for light or heavy racks.

Medium Duty Racking System Characteristics and Advantages
1. Full assembly structure, random combination, easy to install and disassemble flexible.

2. The column is of prefabricated structure, and the steel buckle card is inserted between the beam and the column, and is locked with a safety key to prevent falling off.

3. Shelf material section optimization, a variety of pipe selection, improve the bearing force.

4. The column is provided with a 60mm adjustment hole distance, can be adjusted according to the height of the goods.

5. Spacer supports can be used to strengthen the connection between the adjacent back direction column, and the bottom of the column and the ground can be used with nails to improve safety and reliability.

6. Suitable for general manpower or stacker put goods, and the storage of large enterprise use.

Medium-Duty Rack Application Scenarios
It is usually more suitable to choose the medium shelf without beam; If the unit shelf span is more than 2m, it is generally only possible to choose a beam type medium-sized shelf shelf. Compared with beam type medium shelf, the space between layers is more adjustable, more stable, beautiful, better coordination with the environment, and more suitable for some warehouses with high cleanliness requirements; Beam type medium shelf is more industrial characteristics, more suitable for storing metal structure products. Medium shelf shelf is widely used, suitable for all walks of life.

Medium duty racking system is versatile storage solutions that find applications in various industries and settings. Here are some common applications of medium-duty racks:

Warehousing and Distribution: Medium-duty rack is widely used in warehouses and distribution centers to store and organize a wide range of items. They are suitable for storing medium-weight goods such as cartons, boxes, and smaller items that do not require heavy-duty storage solutions. Medium-duty racks can be integrated with pallet racking systems or used as standalone shelving units for efficient inventory management.

Retail Stores and Supermarkets: Medium-duty racks are utilized in retail stores and supermarkets for displaying and organizing merchandise. They are commonly used in backrooms or storage areas to store and access inventory easily. Medium-duty racks provide a cost-effective and flexible solution for retail spaces, allowing for easy restocking and inventory rotation.

Workshops and Garages: Medium-duty racks are suitable for organizing tools, equipment, and spare parts in workshops and garages. They provide a convenient and accessible storage solution for various items, such as power tools, automotive parts, or hardware. Medium-duty racks help improve workflow efficiency by keeping essential items within reach.

Offices and Libraries: Medium-duty racks can be used in office spaces and libraries to store books, files, documents, and other office supplies. They provide efficient and organized storage for paperwork, reference materials, or archived documents. Medium-duty racks in office settings help declutter workspaces and improve overall organization.

E-commerce and Fulfillment Centers: With the growth of e-commerce, medium-duty racks are utilized in fulfillment centers and e-commerce warehouses. They provide an efficient and flexible storage solution for storing smaller-sized products or items that require manual picking and packing. Medium-duty racks in these settings help optimize storage space and facilitate order fulfillment operations.

Manufacturing and Assembly: Medium duty rack find application in manufacturing facilities and assembly lines for organizing and storing components, sub-assemblies, and work-in-progress items. They provide easy access and visibility of materials, facilitating efficient production processes and inventory control.

Display and Showrooms: Medium duty rack are commonly used in showrooms and exhibition spaces to showcase products and merchandise. They offer an attractive and organized display solution for items such as clothing, accessories, electronics, or home goods. Medium-duty racks in these settings help create visually appealing displays while maximizing the use of available space.

Healthcare Facilities: Medium-duty racks are utilized in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies for storing medical supplies, equipment, and pharmaceuticals. They provide a hygienic and organized storage solution for healthcare items, ensuring easy access and efficient inventory management.

Medium Duty Rack Specification
Main frame: two columns

Beams: There should be two beams on one floor.

Laminate: Laminate is placed on top of two beams.

Auxiliary frame: a column: two columns and several horizontal stays.

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