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Mould Rack/Mold Rack


Mould Rack/Mold Rack
Product Description
Mold rack, also known as drawer rack, is mainly used to store various mould products. The top can be assembled with manual movable carriage (manual or electric); the drawer bottom is equipped with roller tracks and the drawer panel can be freely pulled when carrying. Along with the additional positioning safety device, it is safe and reliable. The medium type mould rack can carry <750kg/layer and heavy type can carry 750-1000kg/layer. The specifications can be customized according to customers’ demand.

Mold Rack Characteristics and Advantages
1. Combined assembly, mainly by the column, guide slot, drawer layer, tie rod, positioning pin, bolt connection, stable structure, safe and reliable, generally used in rows.

2. Drawer tray is mainly composed of slide rail and drawer tray. The drawer tray is composed of a frame and steel plate welded from a rectangular tube and a bending part. Each slide is fixed up and down by two bearings, which can roll freely in the guide groove with little resistance and can be easily pulled out of the drawer.

3. For safety reasons, positioning pin and limit pin are designed to ensure safety when drawing out the drawer plate of the mold shelf.

4. Light mold rack layer load in 200 to 800kg/ layer. Heavy drawer racks are loaded in: 800 to 1500kg/ layer.

5. The mold racks covers an area of less, the layer is important, the classification is detailed, the operation is simple.

6. The mold storage rack can also be made into a drawer tray on the beam of the cargo shelf, which is more stable in structure and cost saving.

Mould Storage Rack Application Acenarios
Mold shelf bearing.

This needs to be calculated according to the maximum number of molds placed on each laminate multiplied by the weight of each mold, so as to select the mold shelf suitable for bearing requirements. Considering the impact load under dynamic load, the selection of bearing must be greater than the total weight of the mold, which is generally the laminate bearing =1.5 times the total weight of the mold. Generally, for heavy-duty mold frames, most of the double structure mold frames are used to ensure safety.

Mold rack size.

Die placement laminate size (length, width) and the actual available height of each layer, need to be determined according to the actual measurement size of the mold, the length and width of the laminae to slightly greater than the total length and width of the mold is appropriate. The space height of the laminate should be greater than the total height of the die.

Mold storage racks carry.

For the mold weight within 200KG, can be configured on the top of the mold frame lifting hoist, to assist handling, for more than 200KG of heavy mold, can use mobile gantry frame and install electric lifting hoist to achieve handling, so as to reduce a large number of manpower.

Mold Storage Racks Specification
Light mold shelf is made of 100# channel steel as special column. The column is made of high quality Q235 strip steel rolled by rolling mill.

Heavy mold shelves use heavy shelves as the overall frame, and guide rails and drawer trays are installed on the shelf column pieces. Generally, no less than 90×70 columns should be used.

The mold rack is composed of column pieces by column bars. The guide groove is installed on the column pieces, and the upper and lower beams are connected and fixed. Then the drawer plate is installed in the guide groove, the limit pin and guide rail are placed, and the roof is finally laid.

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