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Testing for Dissolved Oxygen


KETOS Analytics - Water Data Analytics - KETOSHowdy, I’m Angele . I’m a water testing parameters living in 420 S Hillview Drive Milpitas, California 95035-5464, US. I am a fan of monitoring for dissolved oxygen, ketos water, and ketos inc. I’m also interested in water test cloud.  KETOS SHIELD is a water monitoring solution provided by KETOS that allows organizations to measure dissolved oxygen levels in water. Dissolved oxygen is a critical parameter for assessing water quality and its ability to support aquatic life. KETOS SHIELD offers accurate and real-time monitoring of dissolved oxygen, along with over 30 other water testing parameters.

By utilizing KETOS SHIELD, companies can benefit from lab-precision accuracy that complies with EPA standards. The system has an extensive operating range and provides seamless integration with existing infrastructure through its plug-and-play device. KETOS maintains and upgrades the device regularly, ensuring its optimal performance. Users can access the latest data remotely through mobile devices, tablets, or laptops.

Monitoring dissolved oxygen levels is essential in various industrial settings. Water treatment plants need to measure and control levels to ensure the quality of delivered water. Wastewater and sewage treatment scenarios require balancing dissolved oxygen levels for efficient breakdown of solids. In drinking water supplies, maintaining appropriate dissolved oxygen levels is crucial for taste and corrosion control.

KETOS SHIELD can remotely monitor and report on multiple water quality parameters, including Testing for Dissolved Oxygen. It offers a comprehensive solution for efficient and effective water management across industries and types of water infrastructure.
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