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manual hospital bed supplier

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Manual Hospital Bed
Manual hospital beds are medical beds that use a hand crank to elevate the entire bed as well as the head and foot portion of the bed. This will provide optimum comfort for the patient. Manual hospital beds are just as versatile as fully electric and semi-electric beds, but lack the risk of motor failure and maintenance. Sturdy, reliable and comfortable, these medical beds are a cost-effective long-term care option.

Manual hospital beds are a cost-effective solution that is ideal for patients who have a caregiver or have access to a hand crank to elevate the bed.

Reinforced head spring provides maximum bed strength and support.
Easy-release motor mount for quick motor removal.
Durable casters for improved mobility and secure locking.
Reinforced corner plates to prevent bending.

Manual hospital beds feature patient indications
Height adjustable for easy movement in and out of bed
Adjustable head and knee positions for improved comfort and increased circulation
Manual beds reduce maintenance and upkeep
The most economical bed available

Manual Hospital Bed Supplier
New Century is one of the leading hospital furniture manufacturers in China. We can provide manual hospital bed and full electric hospital bed. If you have any inquiries, contact us right now. We can accept multiple payment methods while supporting sample services.
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