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Rubber Raw Materials of YuSheng


As a rubber raw materials company, YUSHENG has been devoted to rubber raw materials manufacturing and trading for more than 20 years, 20 years endowed usdeep foundation in material quality and categories. For raw material for rubber industry, YUSHENG is definitely the first choice.  
Types of Rubber Raw Materials
Filament yarns, all types of fabrics and steel wires for reinforcement material of hoses and tires, rubbers and rubber additives, and some innovative products, all are available at rubber raw material manufacturer YUSHENG.

How to Select the Rubber Raw Materials
Rubber Raw Materials mentioned here is generalized words for some major raw materials such as synthetic rubber, rubber additives, tyre cord fabrics, steel wires, dipped cords which are widely used in tyre, conveyor belt, rubber hose and other rubber product's production.

According to the differences of different final products, our rubber raw materials have been chosen and preferred by customers from different fields in rubber industries.

For Tyre manufacturers, our rubber raw materials such as Tyre cord fabrics, steel cord, carbon black, and other kind of rubber additives, synthetic rubber have been choosing continuously by them.

For conveyor belts producers, belting fabrics, carbon black, and other kind of rubber additives, synthetic rubber are regular purchased products by them; Recently steel mesh fabrics- one of our innovative products becoming more and more preferred by producers of conveyor belt for coal and ores.

For rubber hose makers, our hose wire, dipped polyester cord, fiber glass cord are the most popular rubber raw materials for them. Nowadays, the square woven fabric-one of our innovative products has been approved and regular purchased by our major customers of rubber hose.
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