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Lumbre's griddle design is a multi-functional cooking appliance that is perfect for a variety of meals. It features a large, non-stick cooking surface that makes it easy to cook a variety of foods like pancakes, omelets, and grilled sandwiches. It also has adjustable temperature settings that allow you to customize your cooking experience and a removable drip tray for easy clean up. With its sleek design, Lumbre's griddle and grindz is a great addition to any kitchen.

Types of Griddle
Griddle is a flat cooking surface used for cooking food like pancakes, eggs, and bacon.
4 Burner TP Series Gas Griddle
Lumbre's TP Series Gas Griddle provides the perfect cooking surface to create delicious meals. Featuring a stainless steel construction, adjustable heat control and non-stick surface, it's the perfect way to quickly and easily cook your favorite dishes.

EGA Series 4 Burner 36 Inch Gas Griddle
The Lumbre EGA Series Gas Griddle is perfect for your commercial kitchen. With its heavy-duty stainless steel construction, robust griddle plate, and adjustable temperature controls, you can easily cook up a variety of delicious meals.

What To Cook On A Griddle?
A classic favorite, pancakes are a great way to start the day with a delicious breakfast. With a griddle, it's easy to make perfect pancakes every time. Choose your favorite ingredients for a unique flavor, such as blueberries, bananas, and chocolate chips. You can also opt for a savory version with bacon, ham, and cheese.

Whether it's pita bread, naan, or focaccia, a griddle is the perfect tool to make delicious flatbreads. You can find recipes online with different ingredients and spices to make a variety of flavorful flatbreads.

Fajitas are a great dinner option that can be made with a griddle. Use your favorite meats, peppers, and onions to make delicious fajitas that your family will love.

Quesadillas are a great snack or lunch option. They're easy to make with a griddle, just fill them with your favorite ingredients and pop them on the griddle until they're golden brown and crisp.

Why Use A Griddle Instead Of A Pan?
Lumbre Griddle is the perfect tool for cooking delicious meals. It is made from heavy-duty cast iron, a material known for its excellent heat retention and even heat distribution. This ensures that your food is cooked thoroughly and evenly, every time. The griddle also has a non-stick surface, so you won't need to use extra oil or butter and your food won't stick to the griddle itself. The smooth surface makes it easy to clean and the sturdy construction ensures that it will last for years.

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