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3NB-1300 Triplex Mud Pumps


3NB-1300 Triplex Mud Pumps
3NB-1300 Mud Pump is horizontal triplex single acting piston pump which is suitable to oil, water well, geothermy, CBM, shale gas, coalfield exploration, freezing well as well as well other drilling ,well cementation, workover and other operations in industrial and mining enterprises. It is used for transferring mud, clay gum, mortar and other medium to the borehole. The pump adopts international advanced technology.
The machine frame is welded with steel plates. The transmission bearing seat and the upper and bottom seat of the crankshaft are made of cast steel. At the bearing seat of the crankshaft, it adopts steel plates and ribbed slabs to reinforce the system in order to get good stiffness and strength.
It is made of alloy steel cast.
Transmission Gear Pair
The gear pair adopts involute herringbone gears with medium-hard gear surface so that the transmission torque is larger and the systems can operate more stably.
Pinion Shaft
It is made of an alloy steel forge, and a belt pulley may be installed at either side of the transmission shaft.
The crosshead is made by one-piece cast with nodular cast iron, so the crosshead has good resistance to abrasion. The structure of top and bottom guidance is adopted for crossheads in order to regulate the concentricity by adding gaskets at the bottom guidance.
Fluid Cylinder
The cylinder is made of forge alloy steel and adopts a straight-way structure. The hydraulic cylinder has a small size and higher volume efficiency. The conicity at the valve seat holes is 1:6 and there is a step. The hydraulic cylinder is applicable in conditions with high pressure. The cover and flange on the hydraulic cylinder are connected by saw tooth threads. The flange is mounted to the cylinder by bolts so that it is easy to remove and maintain. The cylinder surface is processed by chemical plating in order to increase the resistance to corrosion.
Valve Assembly
NB1300 and NB1600 series drilling pumps are all equipped with API#7 valves. The parts at the fluid end, including the hydraulic cylinder, liner, piston, valve body, valve seats, valve springs, seal parts, valve cover and cylinder cover are all interchangeable.
Lubrication System
Oil wipers and oil grooves are set at the gear shaft. Lubrication oil is transmitted to the two bearings respectively on the transmission shaft and the crankshaft as well as the lubricating point at the tope of the guide plate.
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