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Biodegradable Food Packaging Used in Fresh Fruit & Vegetable

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In order to keep fresh fruit and vegatable, through the combined effect of modified atmosphere and humidity and condensation control to preserve freshness to effectively slows down the respiration of fresh produce, inhibits microbial decay and minimizes weight loss and shriveling. Ripe fruits and vegetables will release ethylene, which can accelerate fruit ripening. Therefore, the whole box of fruits and vegetables must be perforated during transportation, which will not only reduce the damage of fruits and vegetables, but also prolong the preservation period.

Advantages of Biodegradable Food Packaging in Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Store
Freshness Assured: Lesui packaging will extending shelf life and reducing waste in the fresh produce supply chain.

Reducing Wastage: Lesui packaging solutions can adjust specific MA and MH properties that slow respiration and aging processes inhibiting microbial growth. It also reduces dehydration and weight loss during storage and shipment.

Recycle material: We promote the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials such as PLA, RPET and ect.

OEM and ODM: We can make drawing and make sample for you to check size & shape.

Case Show of Biodegradable Food Packaging in Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Store

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