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Biodegradable Food Packages in Bakery Market

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In addition to the exquisite and beautiful appearance, the bakery bread packaging, bakery cookie packaging products also needs to effectively protect the product. According to the product fifferent size and shapes, we can make customized new shape and size altogether; according to the characteristics of different pastry products, we will choose different materials. We often use Paper PET PP and PLA to package different bakery products, such as round cream cakes, cupcakes, mousse, cheese, Swiss rolls, macarons, cookies, sugar and etc. In addition, we also provide matching paper plates, plastic or paper cutlery and spoons to applicate one-step integrated services.

Advantages of Biodegradable Food Packages in Bakery Market
The food packages keep the backery products stay fresh, to achieve the merchandise can be stored at a constant temperature, and it is not easy to lose moisture.

To prevent contamination and breakage of soft pastries, during storage, transportation and sales process.

We can design different china biodegradable food packaging thicknesses and weights in the production process to achieve anti-shock and anti-compression.

As one of biodegradable food packaging suppliers, we have a popular and beautiful appearance design to enhance the product value.

Case Show of Biodegradable Food Packaging in Bakery Market

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