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Linear Motion Lead Screws

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Custom Linear Lead Screw
No other linear motion lead screws combines the speed, accuracy, efficiency, repeatability, quiet operation, lubrication retention, load capacity, and compactness of VXO linear lead screws. Our lead nuts are available in a standard threaded or flanged mounting configuration, and anti-backlash nuts provide the best positional repeatability.

VXO precision lead screw are an excellent economical solution for your linear motion requirements. For more than 15 years, VXO has designed and manufactured the highest-quality linear motion lead screws in the industry. Our precision lead screw ensure accurate positioning and product lead time is 7-15 days. We also produce Trapezoidal thread, Unified screw thread, ACME screw thread, special Pitch, and multiple start thread. For lead nut and lead screw nut assembly, configuration is not restricted and it is possible to manufacture in accordance with the customer's design.

Advantages Of Using Linear Motions Lead Screws
Linear motion lead screws have many advantages among linear motion units some of these are;

High load-carrying capacity


Easy to design into a system

Minimal number of parts

Smooth operation


Require little maintenance

What Is The Difference Between A Linear Lead Screws And Ball Screws?
Linear ball screw and linear lead screws can sometimes be used in the same applications.  Typically, ball lead screw cnc are used in industry applications that need a lot of load or life while linear lead screws are used in smaller, lighter duty applications.  Linear lead screws however are highly customizable with the ability to interchange leads, sizes, nut configurations quickly.  Cost is usually not the primary consideration when selecting a screw technology.

What Is The Difference Between A Linear Lead Screws And Ball Screws?
At Linear Lead Screw SuppiersHow to Make a Precision Lead Screw
As our linear motion lead screws infographic illustrates, the manufacturing of a linear motion lead screws require a complex manufacturing process. Initially, that process begins with the O.D. grind of raw material down to tolerances measured to a maximum of 0.0005 inches (12 µm). After the initial grind-down, we then utilize a precision German CNC roll threader to ensure strong and accurate thread forms.

During the roll threading operation, our CNC controlled machinery incorporates precision process adjustments and controls while employing automated in-feed and outfeed features. Together, these provide consistency over the full length of the linear lead screw stock. In addition, our roll threading machines progressive dies control raw material flow by manipulating speed, skew, and temperature. These key process variables are precisely monitored to ensure the highest level of lead accuracy.

Precision Linear Motion Lead Screws Application
Linear motion lead screws are often used in linear actuators, machine tools, screw jacks, presses and vises.

Linear motion lead screws are also found in biomedical environments such as clinics and hospitals. For example, linear lead screws are used in pumps for blood and drugs requiring precise fluid measurement and fluid delivery. They are also used in lab testing equipment such as devices that sample, scan and handle fluid.

Other popular industries in which linear motion lead screws are used include defense, transport and industrial automation.
The function of a linear lead screws
The linear lead screw of a lathe is used to advance the carriage of the lathe in time with the rotation of the spindle. It is used to make threads by having different gearing between the spindle and the drive for the lead screw.

How to use linear motion lead screws?
Linear motion lead screws in the lathe is used while cutting threads on a job. For thread cutting the feed of the cutting tool should be in correspondence with the rotational speed (rpm) of chuck/workpiece which is different for different threads spec. The RPM of the spindle is based on the gear settings in the gearbox.

Thus for a particular thread type, the gear set is done than half out of the carriage is engaged with the linear motion lead screws, which enables the carriage to move /take power from the linear motion lead screws.

If you need any kinds of medical linear motion products, please contact us, as a professional linear motion manufacturer, VXO is willing to offer you high quality products.
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