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Acoustic Double Bass

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Acoustic Double Bass Custom
The kinglos Acoustic Double Bass is a rosewood fingerboard, and its tuner head is made of brass, which is simply amazing. Like other strings, its strings have been exquisitely treated with ebony, which is both stylish and beautiful. The end pin plug of kinglos Acoustic Double Bass is made of hardwood and has a 10 mm end pin. Some of its accessories are real horsehair shells and bows. It is a large musical instrument that cannot be moved easily. The performance of the kinglos Acoustic Double Bass is great, and the sound quality is also great. It is one of the best double basses on the market. It is also very durable. It is equipped with hardwood fingerboards and accessories with alloy tailboards, suitable for teenagers, students and orchestra training schools. It has a spruce panel, accompanied by maple sides, neck and back. In order to obtain excellent performance, it uses an arched back structure.

Features of Acoustic Double Bass
The size of violin kinglos bridge, strictly in accordance with international standards and professional standards, fully ensures the vibration and sound transmission of the violin body. From the string height of 1 to 4 strings, according to the standard of 3.5mm to 5.5mm, it fully takes care of the comfort and professional requirements of the player. The neck conforms to the structure of "tiger's mouth" of the human body, which is comfortable, smooth and feels great."

Patent coloring technology gives the series of products different visual appearance, pure monochrome, rich patterns, all kinds of color changes are fully reflected in the product, to meet different aesthetic needs. It adopts high-tech patent coloring technology to fully ensure the resonance and vibration of Violin and professional performance function, which is different from the low-end color violin on the market.

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