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ESU Pencils


The electrosurgical pencil (also called an electrocautery pencil, or ESU pencil) is the most common hand-held device used in electrosurgery.

With the continuous development of medical science, new medical technologies and equipment are widely used in clinics, the electrosurgical unit has also developed correspondingly. And ESU has become indispensable in the operating room with its unique advantages. If you’re unsure about the right kind of esu pencil or electrosurgical pencil price for your needs, contact electrosurgical pencil manufacturers APK!

How do ESU Consumables Help Surgeons?
ESU uses high-frequency electrical energy to cut, separate, and stop bleeding tissues. It is favored by many surgeons for its advantages such as small trauma and thorough hemostasis, and it has also opened up a broader world for clinical surgery.

Types of ESU Consumables Using Tips
To ensure the safety of patients, electrosurgical equipment and accessories must be used in accordance with the written instructions provided by the manufacturer;

Determine the patient's own risk factors;

Clarify the nursing diagnosis and expected effects;

Be familiar with commonly used safety precautions.

Electrosurgical Pencil Use
Electrosurgical pencils are a safe and effective way to perform surgeries that require the use of electrocautery. They may be available in different sizes, depending on your needs, but all of them have the same basic components: a handle and an electrosurgical electrodes.

Electrosurgical pencils are used in various procedures—including some types of plastic surgery and dentistry—and in many settings, including hospitals and outpatient surgical centers. Electrosurgical pencils are used for cutting, coagulation and fulguration.

While electrosurgical pencils can be used with any type of electrocautery machine, it's important to ensure that your machine is compatible with the pencils. Electrosurgical pencils are designed for use with specific types of electrocautery machines. If you're using a different type of machine than what the pencil was designed for, you may experience issues such as poor performance or even problems with safety and hygiene.

ESU Cable
ESU cable, or electrosurgical cable, is a type of bipolar cable electrosurgical.

Electrosurgical supplies are all the equipment needed for surgical procedures involving the use of a high frequency current to cut and cauterize tissue.

Bipolar cable electrosurgical are used to connect the electrosurgical generator to the electrosurgical electrodes. Cables are available in different lengths and diameters, depending on your application. Electrosurgical cables can be made of silicone or polyurethane and come in a variety of colors.

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