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Redispersible Polymer AP2080 for Tile Adhesive


Redispersible Polymer For Tile Adhesive
ADHES ® AP2080 Redispersible Polymer Powder belongs to polymer powders polymerized by ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer. RD powders are widely used in cement mortars, grouts and tile adhesive, and gypsum based putties and plasters.
  Features of redispesible polymer powder for tile adhesive
Redispersible polymer for tile adhesive has good adhesion, plasticity, water resistance and strong deformation ability.
Redispersible powders are not just used in combination of inorganic binder, like cement based of thin-bed mortars, gypsum-based putty, SLF mortars, wall plaster mortars, tile adhesive, grouts, also as the special binder in synthesis resin bond system.
ADHES® RD powders AP2080 is a common type redispesible polymer powder for tile adhesive, similar to VINNAPAS 5010N, MP2104 DA1100/1120 and DLP2100/2000.
With good workability, excellent anti-sliding and coating property. This serious of redispersible polymer powder can improve the Rheological property of binders, enhance the sag resistance. Widely used in putty, tile adhesive and plaster, also flexible thin-bed mortars and cement mortars.
Redispersible Polymer For Tile Adhesive Application
Gypsum mortar, bonding mortar
Insulation mortar, waterproofing mortar
Interface agent, sealants
Wall putty
Tile adhesive usage
Repair mortar
EPS / XPS insulation board bonding
Hard Grade Redispersible Polymer Powder AP2080 Tile Adhesive Usage Ethyl-Vinyl Acetate Copolymer Main performance
Excellent redispersion performance
Improve the rheological and working performance of mortar
Increase opening time
Improve the bonding strength
Increase cohesive strength
Good flexibility and impact resistance
Reduce or avoid cracking
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