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Plate Disposable Filter


Plate Disposable Filter
Product Description

Excellent performance, solid structure and other high pleated design.
Imported high-quality fluffy filter material with large dust holding capacity and good general performance.
M-DP Expanded Pleated Plate Disposable Filter adopts the whole set, die-cutting, contour pleated, double-layer moisture-proof and high-temperature resistant cardboard frame plate structure design, compact structure, light and convenient.
Product Structure Description
The structure of M-DP is simple and strong. The combination of double-layer die-cut cardboard and filter media forms an integral structural model. The cardboard is moisture- and high-temperature resistant, and tightly bonded to the filter media at each intersection, enhancing the filter's robustness and helping to maintain the flatness of the pleated media and the balance of pleat spacing.
M-DP filter paper is a special mixture composed of non-woven fabrics and synthetic fibers, with a fluffy structure, large dust holding capacity and low initial resistance. The filter material is tightly bonded with a layer of expanded wire mesh, and is processed into filter material pleats of equal and high spacing through a special process, allowing the air to pass through freely and evenly, so that the dust can be evenly adsorbed on the entire filter material, so as to achieve higher dust holding capacity. The expanded wire mesh strengthens the strength of the filter media pleats, and effectively reduces the vibration of the filter media pleats during use, thereby reducing secondary pollution.
M-DP can be divided into three performance grades according to the density of the pleats: DP30, DP20, DP1
AC Filter Applications
Pre-filtration of air conditioning and ventilation systems to avoid dust accumulation in the system
Large air compressor pre-filter
Centralized ventilation and air conditioning system and return air filtration in the clean room to prolong the service life of the high-efficiency filter in the latter stage
Ventilation system of ordinary industrial workshops to meet general clean air requirements
Coarse dust filtration system for air conditioners in general buildings
The primary filter is the last filter in the sampling train used to separate the particulate matter sample from the sampled flue gas.
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