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Paper Cup

Price: 20

The custom paper cup is an investment that can do wonders for your business. With endless options and designs, your drinks are sure to shine and are one of the top promotional tools for coffee shops and restaurants.

At Ecopak, we make developing your custom disposable paper cups easy and affordable. From an in-house creative team ready to make your artwork shine, to low starting order quantities and flexible warehousing, we make everything so easy you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.  

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Custom Paper Cup Option
Kraft paper and printing paper are available
Are you looking for cheap kraft paper printing paper? Ecopak is ready to serve you, so search no more. Choose from bleached white and traditional brown.

Design your logo and graphics
In less time, we offer amazing custom printing for logos and patterns on your food containers. Benefit from extremely efficient tools for any kind of output

Multiple sizes
Our eco-friendly food packaging is also available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate almost any amount of food. Dozens of them are microwave safe.

Full customization available
Our paper cups are customizable and there are an unlimited number of paper cups in the collection to choose from. For example single paper cups, double paper cups, corrugated paper cups, paper cups with handles, etc.

Multiple lid options
We have re-close lids, straw lids and flat lids. Our lids will specify the size they fit, so make sure they match the custom paper cups you order.
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