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Car Clutch Cover and Pressure Plate

Price: 600

In addition to the scope of standardization, we also provide customized services for these clutch disc types and clutch plate covers so that we can meet every customer's needs in an efficient manner. We have been able to provide high-quality clutch and pressure plate kit at industry-leading prices within the specified time.

Clutch Plate Cover and Clutch Plate Types
As a reputable manufacturer specializing in the quality automotive clutch disc and clutch plate, Lenel has different types of clutch plates for sale, all with cheap wholesale prices. Supported by our experienced R&D team, we continue developing various types of clutch pressure plates and covers to better suit the world’s different automobile needs. Lenel's clutch pressure plate types, such as car clutch cover and pressure plate are mainly composed of the rivet, drive sheet, anti-wet rivet, support spring, pressure plate, pressure plate cover, diaphragm spring and many other parts. In terms of the clutch and pressure plate kit, it is an important structure on the clutch. The pressure plate and clutch discs are of great importance to the safety of automobile driving.

Lenel Auto Clutch Covers
As a professional clutch plate supplier, Lenel has developed more than 100 kinds of car clutch covers which are all of good quality and at a reasonable clutch cover price, and pressure plate cover can be customized according to your need. What's more about 70% of our car clutch cover sales in about 20 countries aftermarkets, such as Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, Middle East, etc.

Lenel Auto Clutch Plate for Sale
Lenel is one of the custom clutch plate manufacturers for many years. Lenel auto clutch disc plate has been widely applied in cars like Mercedes Benz, MAN, Renault, Scania, and DAF Brand. Inquiry clutch disc price direct from clutch plate manufacturers.

Clutch Plate Cover and Clutch Plate Factory Advantages
High Speed Response
Under strict production quality control in our factory, Lenel clutch pressure plate manufacturers provide reliable quality clutch pressure plates and clutch plates. Dry type; the transmission of torsion is fast, and convenient action can be achieved.  

Our China clutch disc manufacturers produce clutch plates and clutch pressure plates for various types of heavy trucks. Advanced materials; with good heat dissipation, rather durable even in high frequency, high energy use.  

Easy Assembly and Maintenance
Our factory can develop according to customers' new samples. There is no need to take out the middle core or use the carbon brush, simple to use.

CNC Precision Manufacturing
Lenel's clutch plate cover and clutch disc for sale are of high accuracy, fine processing, good linearity, and superior performance.  

Smooth Operation
No vibration, no impact, and no noise in starting, running, braking state.  

Types of Clutch Pressure Plates Gallery
MAN 1862364031 Clutch Plate Clutch Disc
MAN 3482000361 Clutch Cover Clutch Pressure Plate
MAN 1878080033 Clutch Disc Clutch Plate
MERCEDES-BENZ 3483030031 Clutch Cover Clutch Pressure Plate
DAF 3482123839 Clutch Pressure Plate Clutch Cover
SCANIA 1878003895 Clutch Plate Clutch Disc

What Is The Difference Between Auto Clutch Plate And Auto Clutch Cover?
Auto clutch is generally composed of automotive clutch plates, auto clutch plate and clutch separation bearing. The automotive clutch plates, between the frisbee and the pressure plate, is connected with the transmission shaft by spline. Auto clutch plate, the spring plate structure mounted on the frisbee, is used to press the clutch plate to complete the transmission. Clutch separation bearing, the bushing that maintains the satellite form of operation, is responsible for maintaining the speed difference and preventing running out of position.  

What Is The Function of Auto Clutch Plate And Auto Clutch Cover?
The function of the auto clutch plate and auto clutch cover set is very simple: the auto clutch plate acts as a bridge, transferring the engine power to the resistance box. There will be different speed and torque in the transferring process, so it is necessary to switch gears at different times and make a direct match between different speed and gears. The auto clutch plate and auto clutch plate cover plays a transitional role in this. Every time we press the clutch, we separate the engine speed from the gearbox gear.
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