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Metal Coating Machine


Painting line refers to metal and non-metal surface covering protective layer or decoration layer special assembly line tool product advantages painting assembly line equipment is suitable for workpiece surface painting, plastic spray treatment. Inquiry uv coating machine for sale.

Metal Powder Coating Machine
Powder coating is a coating applied in the form of a free-flowing dry powder. The coating is usually applied electrostatically and then cured under heat, allowing it to flow and form a surface film on the metal. The most commonly used polymers are polyester, polyurethane, polyester-epoxy, straight chain epoxy and acrylic. The exact composition of the powder coating varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The powder is used to form a hard, continuous coating on aluminum profiles to protect the metal from corrosion and provide a long-lasting aesthetic appearance when exposed to various weather conditions. Metal powder coating machines are used primarily in applications such as household appliances and aluminum profiles but are also used in automotive and industrial applications.

Stainless Steel Coating Machine
In the insulation and anti-corrosion, you can apply a layer of anti-corrosion paint as well as top coat, so that the application of the pipeline will be more good national economy continues to grow and improve, the requirements for the building also pay more and more attention to the requirements of the major construction industry in the case of safety performance to ensure that the building appearance beautiful, steel coating machine has now become one of the important construction materials to ensure beautifully.

Stainless Steel PVD Coating Machine
Stainless steel pvd coating machine technology including sandblasting (shot blasting), chemical treatment, mirror treatment, surface coloring, surface brushing, treatment spraying.

Zinc Coating Machine
Zinc plating equipment's process principle is completely different from the traditional zinc electroplating machine and hot dip plating, the technology uses activated metal (zinc, aluminum, copper) powder, which can make the surface brightness of the plating close to electroplating zinc, according to the needs of the plating can use pure zinc plating and zinc-aluminum composite plating, the surface can be passivated, closed and other treatments, suitable for a variety of mechanical processing workpiece surface finishing and protection, such as high-strength bolts, screws, pipe fittings, nails, chains and other iron-based workpiece, especially washers and elastic workpiece.

Metal Coating Machine Applications
Such as the automobile industry

The process of spraying auto parts is as follows:

Clamping →on-line→manual electrostatic precipitator →automatic electrostatic precipitator→preheating dehumidification 5min (50 °C)→automatic electrostatic precipitator→spray primer→leveling 11min (room temperature)→primer curing 30min (room temperature-80 °C)→natural cooling 5min→spray topcoat→leveling 12min→(room temperature)→curing 66min→(room temperature-80 °C)→cooling 15min→next piece inspection

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1. For mechanical repair.

2. Used mechanical parts resistant to strong chemical media.

3. Used to improve the wear resistance of mechanical parts.

4. Used to improve the friction performance of mechanical parts.

Nickel coating machines and titanium coating machines are also available for furniture coating.

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