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Double Sided Fishing Magnets

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Meank is a leading manufacturer of strongest and best double sided magnets for magnet fishing. As a simple and convenient fishing method, fishing magnet double sided is favored by more and more people, you can salvage or search ferromagnetic objects quickly from deep water with a powerful fishing magnet. According to the number of working surfaces, the fishing magnet is divided into single-sided fishing magnet and double-sided. As one of fishing magnet factories, we have both single sided fishing magnets and custom double sided magnets for sale.

Size Parameter Of Double Sided Salvage Magnets Assembled With Ring-shaped Magnets

Items CodeDimension(MM)Magnetic Force(Kg)Dead Weight(Kg)

Note: Common neodymium fishing magnets are made with Nickel-coating, and assembled with neodymium magnets of N35.Please let us know if you have another requirement on the surface treatment and the grade of the double sided neodymium magnet.

Characteristics Of The Double Sided Fishing Magnet(magnet Fishing Tool):

Double-sided fishing magnets are assembled with two-piece super strong neodymium ring magnets, neodymium fishing magnets are real strong fishing magnets.

The gap between the magnet and the iron shell is filled with special epoxy glue, which has good sealing and waterproof effect

There are two screw sockets in the double-sided fishing magnets, one is on the magnetic side which lets the double-sided fishing magnets used as single-sided fishing magnets, the other one is on the steel side.

Each double-sided fishing magnet is equipped with two durable ring bolts, the size of ring bolts changes according to the sizes of the fishing magnets.

Application Of Double Sided Fishing Magnets:

Double-sided fishing magnets are widely used to salvage& search iron objects such as ironware, coins, scrap iron, etc. These double sided magnets for magnet fishing can also be used in hardware, plastic, chemical, pharmaceutical, ceramics, building materials, tobacco, cotton spinning, food, deep water fishing, and iron search&detect industries.

What We Can Do On Double-Sided Fishing Magnets:

We provide full sizes & magnetic force range for double-sided neodymium fishing magnets.

We provide the best electroplating for double sides fishing magnets to maximize their service life.

We specially designed professional and safe packaging for each kind of double-sided fishing magnet to solve the problems of transportation and retail.

We can provide salvage accessories(such as ropes, hooks, gloves) for each double sides fishing magnets.

We have stock for most types of common double-sided fishing magnets and can deliver them quickly.

We can manufacture custom double-sided fishing magnets.

The Factors That Affect The Fishing Force Of Strong Neodymium Fishing Magnet:

1. The grade of the neodymium ring magnets used on the fishing magnets, The high-grade neodymium magnets can provide higher fishing force, we usually use a grade of N35 for fishing magnets.

2. The thickness of the steel used on the fishing magnets. If the metal is too thin and does not up to the minimum thickness, then it can not fully guide the magnetic line produced by the ring neodymium magnets, then the holding force will be weaker.
3. The material of the metal/iron used on the strong fishing magnets. The material of the piece is very important for good magnetic holding. Soft steels (low carbon) present the best holding.

4. contact surface conditions of salvage magnets. If the surface is not flat enough, then the neodymium fishing magnets have a weaker holding capacity than those with a ground surface. So it is important to keep the surface of a neodymium fishing magnet in clean condition.
5. The contact area between salvaged object and fishing magnet. The holding force is directly proportional to the contact area of the piece and the salvage magnet. Large contact surfaces offer sufficient holding forces, while small contact surfaces can not provide strong holding forces.

Contact Us For Custom Double Sided Neodymium Fishing Magnets

You'll get the best double sides neodymium strong fishing magnets from Meank magnetics, if no standard &common neodymium magnet fishing double sided from the above table meet your needs, please contact us for customizing two sided magnet.
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