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Small Automatic Dumpling Making Machine


This machine is suitable for small factories such as hotels, restaurants, schools, dumpling restaurants, etc., with a production capacity of about 100 kg per hour. After careful design, the operation is simple and convenient. Products can be made of dumplings, fried dumplings, wontons, steamed dumplings, pot stickers and other products.
Jiuxu Small Automatic Dumpling Making Machine Performance Introduction:
1. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, in line with food safety requirements.
2. The machine is controlled by servo motor, quantitative accuracy, uniform filling, beautiful appearance.
3. The machine is operated on the touch screen, simple and easy to operate.
4. The machine adopts high quality electrical components, the quality is accurate and reliable.
Production Capacity: 40-60 pcs/min
Power Source: 220V 50Hz (1P)
Work Rate: 4.7Kw
Air Source: 0.4-0.6MPa
Dimensions: 1360x1480x1400mm
Weight: 700kg
Beautiful in appearance, small and exquisite, it can be operated by one person by one machine, directly adding the dough and stuffing, and forming the dumplings at one time in the flow operation.
The thickness of the dumpling skin and the amount of fillings can be adjusted when the imitation hand-made dumpling machine is producing dumplings, so as to ensure that the produced dumplings are more ideal and have the advantage of thin skin and large filling. Dumplings are suitable for different eating methods, including steaming, boiling, frying, frying, etc. Because the machine is made of stainless steel, not only the appearance is very beautiful, but the dumplings produced are also very hygienic and meet the standards of food hygiene.
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