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Price: 2200

Pigeon Medical specializes in manufacturing respiratory products & oxygen therapy equipment for breathing. As a professional provider of medical device to help breathing, we can offer different types of medical oxygen ventilators and hospital protective equipment used in respiratory therapy to help breathing. Main products are air oxygen blender, medical air compressor, and respiratory(breathing) humidifier which delivers consistent gas supply and optimal humidity to patients in need of breathing/respiratory assistance.

Pigeon Medical Apparatus has been a high-tech enterprise specializing in independent research, development, production and sales since 1990. We are an advocator of neonatal respiratory care and supporter of medical NICU equipment whose main products are Bubble NCPAP infant resuscitator, neonatal transport cart, oxygen inhaler and disposable.

Enterprise has passed the ISO13485 quality system certification and CE certification. With products proven to be safe and efficient during clinic application, we devote ourselves to the establishment of advanced technology, perfect equipment, and an excelsior quality control system.

Pigeon Medical has oxygen ventilator for sale. We have hospital ventilator equipment lists on this website, so that you can know more about respiratory assist devices for protection and safety.

The Reason Why Choose Pigeon Respiratory Devices

The first manufacturer of air-oxygen blender in China, with over 30-year of experience.
2Our respiratory devices can be widely used on mechanical ventilation, anesthesia, high-flow oxygen therapy and continuous positive airway pressure.
3With 2 factories and 1 trading branch in Shenzhen.
4With self RND department, we pay close attantion to the development trend of oxygen therapy to ensure the responsitivity to the market demand.

If you want to know more different types of medical ventilators and the oxygen ventilator machine price, please visit our website.
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