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Increase your product's appeal with a colour display type tft lcd by Leadtek Display! As one of tft lcd ips suppliers, we provide TFT color displays including standard TFT LCD display and customized TFT LCD display. Our best tft display screen has high speed and response time, and the cells of our TFT LCD display module are made from glass with laminated polarizers.

Standard TFT LCD
Leadtekdisplay standard TFT LCD Module are available in various sizes from 0.95’’ 2.4’’, 2.8’’ TFT LCD to 32’’ TFT LCD. These TFT LCD module are focus on common specification like familiar size, resolution, application, and normal temperatures of -10°C to +50°C or -20°C to +60°C.

Customized TFT LCD
Leadtek is professional manufacturer for customer unique application requirement. As an edp touch screen supplier, we could provide 5 custom-made TFT LCD screen as industrial round oled lcd, bar type lcm, automobile display mold, circular screen panel, square tft lcm, to its custom lcd AA, custom lcd structurer, custom lcd FPC, controller board type, and custom lcd size etc. Our profession engineer and designer are experienced in designing and manufacturing custom lcd. Beside the custom lcd display panel, we also provide custom PCBA board for the display products.

Benefits of Colour TFT LCD Display
High Speed and Response Time

TFT screens have high speed and response time, which is highly suitable for the fast-growing industrial and digitalized world. Quick response time helps reduce the effects of blurring and ghosting in critical situations, which can be an issue if response time is too slow.

Lightweight Design

TFT cells are made from glass with laminated polarizers. These TFT displays can be use in plastic housing for a more rugged end product with less breakage in the electronics due to drops or stress tension.

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