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Different Types of Household Product
Smart Cleaning Supplies
Durable decontamination, solid and reliable, dense clean cloth brush head, durable decontamination, strong cleaning of stubborn stains on the toilet, which can guard hygiene every day. Unique butterfly brush head, cleaning is more efficient. Close to the toilet groove, deep into the dead corner, groove stubborn dirt, easy to remove, to solve the problem of toilet corner which is difficult to clean with traditional toilet brush. As we all know, traditional garbage cans bring neither hygiene nor convenience to users. In some public places, although there are garbage bins everywhere, but because of the old and nothing new, a lot of rubbish is still not thrown into the bins, resulting in rubbish everywhere. At present, almost all traditional garbage cans have launched their own intelligent induction trash cans, which will be a development trend in the future. Intelligent induction trash can will also become the consumption habit of ordinary people.

Smart Trash Bin
As an indispensable necessity in human life, the trash can has been with mankind through every era. With the general improvement of people's environmental awareness and aesthetic level.
Auto Trash Can with Sensor Lid
Stainless Steel Pedal Trash Can
Ultraviolet Disinfection Automatic Trash Bin
Foot Operated Trash Can
Automatic Motion Sensor Bin
Sensor Trash Can
Pedal Garbage Bin
Wall Mounted Trash Can

Ultraviolet Disinfection Sensor Trash Bin
Metal Trash Can
Plastic Electric Trash Can
Single Compartment Sensor Bin
Dual Compartment Sensor Bin

Toilet Brush
The disposable brush head with its own cleaning agent, after brushing the toilet, just push the button and throw the brush head into the trash can without touching the brush head.
Disposable Brush Head Toilet Brush
Toilet Brush Head

Kitchen Storage Rack
The knife holder with disinfection function, through high-temperature drying of residual water droplets, all-round ultraviolet sterilization.
Kitchen Knife Holder
Bowl & Chopsticks Storage Rack

Advantages of Bosheen Smart Household Products
From concept to planning and development to testing then release, our R&D team continues to develop continuously, increase technological innovation, and enhance corporate development

As one of kitchen storage rack suppliers, we focus on design and preliminary market research, take the comfort and convenience of the user experience as the core, clarify the use function of the product, combine the material/process/structure development and innovation of new products, and maintain the visual harmony and personality in the shape.

Quality is the life. The pursuit of quality is a firm consciousness in every employee. Start with small things, pay attention to details, strive for perfection, and care for product quality like life.

We will use our sincerity, meticulousness, care, enthusiasm and patience in exchange for the trust, satisfaction, comfort and joy of our customers.
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