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Address: K2410, 16/F, Xinguangyingjing, No. 117, Shuiyin Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Country: China
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Professional Post-Press Packaging Machinery Series


GROWING is committed to providing the products with higher speed, higher precision and higher stability to customers to meet their ever-increasing needs. Our product line contains die-cutting machine, film lamination machinefolder gluer machine, grey board slitting machine, paper bag machine, window patching machine, flute lamination machine, carton forming machine, and many other products. We are able to use sheet-fed, paper rolls and corrugated paper to provide specialized and personalized packaging production solutions with high precision, high speed, and high automation for customers in the fields of food packaging, electronic packaging, daily chemical packaging, cosmetic boxes, medicine boxes, office supplies and so on.

Star Packing Machines from Growing
Provide our customers with professional post-press packaging machinery and personalized packaging production solutions.

Making Great Post-Press Packaging Machinery In Compliance With Various Needs
Post-press Machine for Food & Beverages
Growing knows food & beverage packaging machines! We have different kinds of machines which are widely used in the food industry, such as folder gluer machine, paper bag machine, carton forming machine, . There is no food packaging project too big or too small for our rugged packaging equipment to handle.
Post-press Machine for Electronics
The major trends in the electronics market is accelerating the transformation of the market. The key words are smart and automation. From a packaging standpoint and depending on the segments, folding carton and corrugated are the primary materials followed by pouches. Large appliances need to be protected effectively and easy to install. All the machines that GROWING sall are easy to operate and install.
Post-press Machine for Transportation
E-commerce becoming potentially the largest retail channel, boxes will be part of the daily life of many consumers. The challenge of e-commerce boxes for converters resides in delivering boxes of all kinds within the shortest amount of time with the highest level of quality at the most appropriate price. GROWING is an packing machine company in e-commerce packaging. With a wide range of machinery and services in the corrugated packaging sector.
Post-press Machine for Packaging
Our main products Flat Bottom Paper Bag Machine and Square bottom Paper Bag Machine are the most productive press on the market. Which are the industry benchmark in terms of speed and fast order change for a fully automated complete line.
Post-press Machine for Printing
GROWING's main products are Automatic Slitting Machine and Automatic Grey Board Slitting Machine. Our machine is widely used in paper products packaging industy and printing packaging industy. In order to provide the best quality machine and after-sales service to customer, we will continue to absorb the advanced technology of similar products at home an abroad, and try our best to give play to its own innovation ability to improve the machine to meet customer's different requirements.

Why Choose GROWING
Growing, which is an enterprise of brave to challenge and actively innovate, focuses on the manufacturing and sales of post-press packaging machinery. We are committed to continuously improving production efficiency and packaging technology level by promoting technological progress and service innovation in post-press packaging machinery manufacturing to achieve sustainable and high-quality development of the industry.


Technical Help
We make great efforts to be your technical and equipment consultant.

Technical Help
We make great efforts to be your technical and equipment consultant.
After-sale Service
We provide you with first-class products and technical services to build up the impressive image for "professional products + high-quality services".

We will provide online technical support, and help customers to solve the problems in the installation as soon as possible.

Research & Development
We will continue to give ear to customers and meet their needs, and always be brave to challenge and actively innovate.

GROWING is a packaging machinery company, we provide packaging machinery wholesale, nd realize the sustainable and high-quality development of the industry.
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