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Genteel PVC stool


Putting PVC stools in the shower room is very practical for the elderly or children to reduce slipping. The benefits that a bath chair can provide, this PVC stool uses a C-shaped clip, which can tilt the legs and non-slip rubber head according to your own situation to ensure extra stability and safety.
The height of the Genteel PVC stool can be adjusted to the most suitable seating position according to the needs of the user's body shape (generally speaking, when sitting, the lower legs, thighs and torso are 90, 90 degrees suitable). For stability, there are four non-slip foot pads on the base. In the wet and slippery space of the bathroom, the thin contact surface with ordinary chairs can provide better slip resistance. The seating space is usually larger than that of a low stool or a corner of a bathtub, which is convenient for riding and avoiding tipping. The handle design can help keep the user sitting in the middle position without falling, and can provide support during the bathing process to help maintain their own balance. You can also provide support and assistance during the sitting and standing up process before and after the bath, but you must pay attention! ! ! "Don't put the weight on one side, so as not to fall off!" Compared with ordinary plastic chairs and stools, the thin contact surface of the four brackets, plus multiple factors such as washing the detergent on the floor, can provide The ride stability is not good, and the plastic chair may even slip and cause torsion and fracture! In addition to providing anti-slip, the four foot pads also provide considerable stability. Actually, you will feel quite at ease when you sit on it! !
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