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indoor badminton court flooring


Langning Sports proudly launches one of the famous flooring products "Badminton Court Floor". It is made of 100% PVC sports material and has a thickness of 4.5 mm. Our badminton court carpets are very durable. Therefore, the floor system is suitable for various indoor badminton floors. Green, blue or wood textures with different thicknesses from 4.5 mm to 9 mm can be customized. Available in green, these mats have line markings and non-slip patterns.
There are a variety of colors to choose from to match your team's existing colors and different sizes to meet your requirements. The badminton court floor is a multifunctional floor equipment suitable for every court. With optional logo brands and customized court lines, this innovative system will enable you to add a touch of professionalism to any badminton court.
As the name suggests, synthetic badminton court flooring is made of man-made materials. They are designed with the specific needs of modern game formats in mind and are very suitable for players.
There are mainly two types of synthetic badminton court flooring: PVC and acrylic
1: PVC badminton court floor
PVC synthetic courts are very popular and can provide good anti-slip properties. They are provided in the form of cushions for easy placement and storage. These mats are further divided into surface mats, middle mats and lower mats. The surface pad has durability, slip resistance and abrasion resistance, while the middle pad increases stability. Ideally, these should be installed above the wooden floor.
2: Acrylic badminton court floor
The most special feature of acrylic badminton court flooring is that they have a variety of colors and types and the most economical sports flooring. They have non-slip properties and can be used for multi-purpose games.
1. contest selection: professional events recommend the use of products.
2. health and environmental protection: use high quality PVC raw materials and formula design, natural environmental protection
3. professional anti-slide: imitation quartz sand texture designed according to professional badminton game movement principle.
4. super wear-resistant: PET coated plastic cloth entrainment layer, with super stability
5. comfort cushioning: high density and high flexibility foaming for excellent impact absorption and cushioning.
6. full power: Stable rebound power, excellent energy return.
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