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FRP Pipe


FRP Pipe is manufactured on a continuous filament winding machine. This machine consists of a mandrel composed of a helical wound continuous steel band, supported by beams forming a cylindrical shape. As the formed mandrel turns creating a multi-layered structural wall of the required thickness.
GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) or FRP (Fiber Reinforce Plastic) piping systems are available in a variety of standard diameters ranging from 15mm to 4200 mm. RUNTO offers GRP (FRP) pipe and fittings to meet all national and international standards depending on the area and application.
Characteristics of FRP Pipe
1) Good Corrosion-resistant property;
Has good corrosion resistance. There is no need for cathodic anticorrosion protection and other anticorrosion measures, and it will not form secondary pollution to water and other media.
2) Lightweight, high strength;
The product has a long service life. The net weight of the pipe is only 1/4 of the ductile iron pipe of the same size and length, and 1/10 of the cement pipe.
3) Installation conveniently;
Convenient transportation and unloading, easy to install. Reduce pipe joints, speed up the installation rate, and improve the quality of the entire pipeline.
4) Smooth inner surface has good property of circulation;
Reduce flow resistance, increase flow rate, and reduce energy consumption. Using a smaller diameter pipeline to transport the same flow of fluid can increase the flow by about 10% compared with the same size steel pipe.
5) Good low temperature-resistant;
6) Good thermal insulation.
Application range of Runto FRP pipeline:
1. Chemical medium transportation pipeline
2. Domestic water transportation trunk pipes and water distribution pipes
3. Sewage collection and transportation pipeline
4. Pressure water pipes for micro hydropower stations on the road, circulating water pipes for power plants
5. Heat energy transmission pipeline, sea water transmission pipeline
6. Vacuum tube, external pressure tube and siphon tube
7. Agricultural machinery irrigation pipes
8. Oilfield water injection pipes and crude oil pipelines
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