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NSE digital LED Display

Price: 1900

● Ultra-thinThe LED display is realized when the electric current passes through light-emitting diode. For full-color LED display, each pixel of LED consists of three light-emitting diodes in red, blue and green respectively.
In the case for LCD, which stands for Liquid Crystal Display, it can not be luminous by itself without an outer source (neon tubes) for light. So for LCD, complicated light path design is required, which makes it much thicker than LED display.
● More Energy-savingLCD needs an outer source for light, which has to be luminous all the time for the image to be displayed. That’s not the case for LED display, for which only specific pixels have to be lighted to display colors. So, LED display could be much more energy-efficient, about 1/10 of LCD display in energy-consumption.
● Wider Viewing AngleWhile LCD display’s viewing angle is restricted, LED can Provide a viewing angle of up to 160°, which adds to its competitive edge.
● Longer Service LifeLED display screen can generally be made to work no less than 100,000 hours under normal circumstances, which means it can be used for decades, longer than that of LCD display.
● Superior Image QualityLED display is superior in color gamut, gray level, and detailed presentation than LCD counterpart with perfect flatness of the screen and wider viewing angle.
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