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H-11-3 Light Domestic Electric Tricycles with Reversing Function


H-11-3 Light Domestic Electric Tricycles with Reversing Function       Adult Electric Tricycle For Sale

This electric bike adopts high - quality lithium battery group, range (25 - 35) km, 3 D design body, designed according to ergonomics, aesthetics principles, to achieve the better riding effect, safe charging equipment, charging fast and full, the most important functions are over charging protection, over discharging protection

Adult Electric Tricycle Description
H-11-3/Adult electric tricycle
1. Double shock absorber design, more comfortable operation
2. Has a fallback function
3. Rear seat storage box:
4. Trolley shopping basket
5. Increase seats
6. Child position
7. Damaged and worn, refuse to blast the inner tube of the car. Tires are elastic and elastic. The tyre adopts four layers of puncture resistance. The tire is made of four-layer bullet-proof material, which is thicker and not afraid of breaking.
8. Riding on the front fork makes walking easier.
Electric bicycles use high-quality battery packs, a variety of strokes (25-35), 3D design body, according to ergonomics and aesthetics design, to achieve better running speed, charging equipment, fast charging, the most important function is overcharge protection, Over discharge protection, short circuit, short circuit protection. Further improve the battery capacity and life; in addition, the braking force safety system will automatically cut off the power afterwards; to ensure driving safety when braking.

(H-11-3) Adult electric tricycle specifications

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China

Motor power: 350 (W) brushless motor

Horn: Yes

Maximum climb: 15 dgree

Charging time: 4-6 times/hour

Waterproof rating: IP54

10/3.5 inch tubeless tire

Maximum range: 45KM

Packing size: 127CMx49CMx63CM

Battery type: Lithium battery

Maximum speed: 35KM

Net weight/weight: 40KG/43KG

Voltage: 48V

Maximum carrying capacity: 180KG

Included items: charger, wrench

Capacity: 30ah optional

LCD Monitor

Certificate: CE / ROHS / FCC

Overvoltage protection 39(V)

Brakes: front disc brakes, rear drum brakes

Delivery time: 20 days

Overcurrent protection 15(A)

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