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Accept Any Kinds Of Badge Or Trim Customization

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We are a professional manufacturer and have been in business for over 10 years in the field of customizing badges and trim for clothing and have a good reputation and many regular customers all over the world. We have accumulated a lot of experience in producing such items and are highly praised by our customers.From polishing to coloring, each process has a strict quality control, each product has gone through layers of inspection, and each order we have created as a classic!

We are experts in customizing badges to meet your needs for a wide range of occasions in life, such as school events, charity events, and various recognition conferences. Use our badges or trim to enhance your visibility and appeal.

The product we customize have the following features:
1. Excellent metallic effect and bumpiness, as well as vivid and bright colors to ensure that the badge or trim can give a three-dimensional feeling.
2. Our products use the high-end imitation enamel process high-grade bright, so as to ensure that the product can be at room temperature for ten years without discoloration
3.In the process, the manual packing and assembly method is used. Printing, generally used for pattern color, with gradient color and pattern design is more complex, dot paint can not reach when used, printing on the metal surface or printing on the photo paper and then drip glue, play a protective role.
4.Manual assembly parts pay more attention to the details of quality, assembly line division of labor operations to ensure quality and quantity to complete each order on time.
5.Customizable LoGO text, single color engraving, fast shipping

We can provide.
- Professional and experienced service
- High quality products
- Competitive prices
- Fast response
- Fast production and delivery
- Long-term stable company

We mainly do jewelry products, and we currently have a full stock of them. If you need to customize the corresponding badges or trim, please contact us at
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