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Pet Waste Station Dispenser


Pet Waste Station Dispenser   dog poop stations   dog waste stations   Lianjiang-Doggie Waste Stations

ITEM No: Pet Waste Station Dispenser

Find here details of Lianjaing providing aluminum die casting foundry design solution. All the street lighting base, furniture, garden decoration, mailbox, fence, gate, aluminum casting tooling parts with super quality and competitive price.

HuaYi Casting Foundry and LianJiang Metals Company are two collaborative enterprises owned and operated by same management team.
-LianJiang Metals Company designs and markets products.
-HuaYi Casting Foundry focuses on manufacturing the products.

Located in Liaoning province in northeastern China, HuaYi Casting Foundry and LianJiang Metals Company have specialized in aluminum and iron casting production since 1997. We are an OEM partnership that manufactures cast aluminum and iron parts for clients all over the world and in different industries such as street lighting, patio furniture & garden decoration company.
With over 20 years of casting work experience and expertise, we offer a full range of casting processes including:
-sand casting
-gravity casting
-vacuum casting

1>The payment term is flexible according to the order quantity, price, and other factors.
2>We have no Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) limitation on orders. Therefore, you can place your order at whatever size quantity fits your specific needs.
3>Our typical production lead time is about 6 weeks but could be flexible and adjust depending on a customer's request.  Short lead time periods are possible in order to meet a customer's urgent order delivery need.
4>We will sign a confidential agreement with the customer and will never disclose a customer's name, designs, or drawings to another other third party.
All related information is protected and secure in our factory.
5>The payment term is flexible according to the order quantity, price, and other factors.
6>We provide customers with prompt after sales services for any quality issue.
7>We have ample capacity to provide the customer with consistent high quality casting work: smooth‍ surfacing, accurate dimensions, and strong mechanical properties.

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